5 Ways To Get Over Being Tired Of Your Natural Hair

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Every naturalista has at one point or the other become tired of their natural hair. No matter how much you love your hair, it gets to a point where hairstyles are not working out, wash days are tedious, and the thought of having to constantly re-moisturize becomes tedious. Even in times when your hair is cooperative, we all have periods in our lives where we have been one second away from giving up on the natural hair lifestyle.

If you are tired of dealing with natural hair, then this post is for you. Here are some of the things you can do to get over it.

  1. Try new styles

Sometimes the only reason you’re tired of your natural hair is that you have been wearing the same hairstyles over and over again. It could be a low or high puff or even a complete pushback. This makes you feel as though your look is now monotonous, and for this reason, you get tired of your hair. Try out some new hairstyles. There are hundreds of styles that you can try out with your hair that can rekindle your love for it. Challenge yourself to wear it in different styles. 11 Hairstyles From The 90s That Are Trending Now That You Should Definitely Try

  1. Put it in a protective style

Life is actually much simpler than we make it out to be. Nowadays, you can find tutorials online on how to braid your own hair. This will save you the money and time that you would have spent to go to the salon. When you are tired of your natural hair, learn to let it rest. Tuck it away in some two-strand twists or even braids. A month or two later, you will find that you have actually missed handling it. Protective Hairstyles That Help With Length Retention

  1. Have an open mind

I think one of the main reasons people get tired of their natural hair is because they have this idea of what they should look like all the time. You keep your hair out for months because you have made yourself believe that is your brand and you want to stick to it. Learn to have an open mind. Wear hats or even turbans. Challenge yourself to try out wigs. In doing so, you will learn to love your natural hair once more. 5 Style Tips For Bad Hair Days

  1. Remember that you are not your hair

India Arie had a point when she sang the song, “I am not my hair.” You are so much more than your hair. It’s completely admirable to see people who don’t hold attachment to their hair. They try different things and if they don’t work out, they simply try again. Always remember that you are not your hair. Being tired of handling it does not make you a lazy person. That’s the importance of taking breaks from it. It helps you to detach.

  1. Find inspiration on the internet

If you are tired of your natural hair, you can always go online and watch some videos of people doing cool things to their hair. Maybe this is the time to try out that DIY Aloe Vera recipe, or something more extreme like dyeing your hair. Watching other people do their hair will remind you why you went natural in the first place, and you will fall in love with it all over again. If you have any role models in the natural hair community, now is the time to tune in to their content.

     6. Let a professional handle it

If you are used to doing your own natural hair, then getting tired of it becomes much much easier. For a change, you can decide to go to a salon to help your either style it or even just detangle it. This will save you a lot of time, and in doing so, you may learn to love it all over again.

Here are  Different Styles You Can Try With Your Natural Hair and Why We Need To Stop Our Obsession With Hair Length.

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