Lifestyle: Things To Consider When Buying Carpets

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Carpets have so many advantages. They are warm, offering insulation and giving rooms a cozy, homey feel. They are comfortable and gentle on the legs and have the added advantage of absorbing noise so that sound does not carry as much. Depending on what you choose they can be stylish and protect expensive floors like hardwood floors. For many people, they are a relatively long-term purchase and investment that is not entered into lightly. Here are some helpful things to consider when buying a carpet.

1. Consider how you use the space

A key consideration is how the space in the room is used. For example, carpet choices for a family room where children play will be different from those for a home office. Plush carpets are preferable for a family room where children will be playing on the floor. A low-pile option that won’t show furniture prints easily or interfere with the office chair will be preferable for a home office. A room with high foot traffic will require a different style and type from one with less. If you have pets, you may need a carpet that hides shed pet hair. You also need to watch the placement of the carpet in relation to the sofas.

Bull dog on brown carpet
Bull dog on brown carpet
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2. Price/Budget

Every purchase should be guided by how much you are able and willing to spend. The price is a key limiting factor. It makes sense to think of this as an investment that will be useful for years but fiscal responsibility is key. Don’t get caught up in the pressure to go for the biggest price tag equating that to quality. Stay on your lane and stick to your budget or keep saving to get to the quality/price you desire if you’re viewing it as a long-term investment. Don’t rush to bust your budget.

3. Warranty

Some manufacturer offers plenty of warranties for their carpeting, especially for wall-to-wall carpeting compared to off-cuts designed to carpet an area that is not overly big. The warranties can run anywhere between five and ten years and cover stain, wear and tear, matting and crushing. Ensure you get one. The only thing to keep in mind is that these warranties may be difficult to work with because a homeowner’s definition of “wear” may not be the manufacturer’s definition of “wear”. Review your warranty carefully and make sure your questions are answered prior to making your purchase.

4. Padding

Your carpet is only as good as your underpad. The underpad saves wear and tear by absorbing the impact of foot traffic so that the carpet does not have to. It helps your carpet look better for a longer period of time and is also more comfortable to walk on. For wall-to-wall carpeting, this is one of the most important considerations. Make sure to choose padding that matches the carpet you plan to buy according to the carpet manufacturer’s recommendations. Install firm, dense padding in areas with higher foot traffic.

5. Installation

When it comes to wall-to-wall carpeting, it is in your best interest to hire a professional even if you think you can handle it. Reputable companies will provide free installation services.

6. Care & maintenance

All carpets require maintenance most commonly in the form of regular cleaning (and vacuuming). Some styles, however, require more cleaning and maintenance than others. Carpets in general and wall-to-wall types, in particular, can invite dust and other allergens. Thorough cleaning of wall-to-wall carpets is also more difficult and expensive. Off-cut carpets can be moved and cleaned easier and better.

A carpet is a great long-term investment. Stick to your budget or save a little longer, remember to focus on padding, warranty and keep in mind the care and maintenance requirements as you pick a style.

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