7 Benefits Of Drinking Sparkling Water

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Water is life and it’s essential to drink the recommended amount daily in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Though plain water is good enough, you can reap more benefits from sparkling water. Sparkling water, or as some call it, carbonated water is water that has carbon dioxide dissolved in it under pressure. It’s similar to soft drinks and many drink it as an alternative to soda. Additionally, some have additives such as vitamins and minerals which boost their health value. Despite this, many people are still not aware of the many benefits that sparkling water has. Here are some.

Relieves Morning Sickness

One of the biggest and most annoying side effects of pregnancy is morning sickness. Most women experience it during their first and second trimester and it can rob them of the joy of carrying their little one. Luckily, there’s an easy remedy that can relieve morning sickness. Sparkling water eases nausea in some pregnant women since it reduces acidity in the stomach.  So, if you experience morning sickness, try drinking sparkling water. Parenting: Nine Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

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Manages Blood Sugar

Sparkling water is a healthier beverage option than regular soft drinks, alcohol, and even coffee, especially for diabetics. This is because some of these drinks contain sugar and empty calories that can increase sugar levels. On the other hand, sparkling water contains nothing but carbon dioxide and water. It also contains bicarbonates that offer glycemic control in the body thus helping you manage your blood sugar. How To Live With Diabetes

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Boosts Bone Health

Sparkling water gets a bad rep for ruining your teeth and weakening your bones. However, these claims don’t have proof and some even suggest that it does the opposite. A study that was conducted on laying hens found that when they swapped tap water with sparkling water, the hen increased strength in its leg bones. It’s recommended to drink it at once instead of throughout the day to protect your teeth from its acidic content.

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Sparkling water. Image from https://healthyvendingny.com/blog/sparkling-water-new-york-city-break-rooms/

Aids Weight Loss

Sparkling water is a better appetite suppressant than still water due to its carbonation. This fills you up and reduces your urge to eat. Additionally, drinking carbonated water con boost your water intake which, in turn, increases metabolism. Therefore, drinking it before a meal or in between meals can help you eat less amount of food than you usually do. Health & Fitness: 6 Weight Loss Alternatives To Consider

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Improves Your Taste Palate

Ever wonder why many high-end restaurants serve sparkling water instead of plain water? This is because it refines your taste bud. The sizzling sensation stimulates the taste buds and leaves them more sensitive so you’re able to taste food better and enjoy the flavour. It’s a great drink to start with if you’re eating a flavourful meal or drinking wine. So, next time you go for dinner, try ordering sparkling water.

Eases Constipation

Generally, drinking more water aids in digestion and prevents constipation. Sparkling water is especially effective in easing constipation. According to studies, carbonated water has a laxative effect. It was found to be more effective than still water in improving bowel movement. However, it’s not known whether these effects were due to the bubbles or the minerals. Natural Remedies For Constipation

Improves Swallowing Ability

Struggling to swallow food can be an uncomfortable and sometimes, painful experience. This contributes to poor eating habits and can lead to malnutrition. To solve this problem, you can add sparkling water to your diet. It has shown great results in stimulating the nerves in the body thus producing fluids that ease the swallowing process.

Disclaimer: This should not be a substitute for regular water or other nutritional beverages such as milk. You can drink it daily but you should drink it at once as opposed to throughout the day. 7 Tricks For Keeping Yourself Hydrated Every Day

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