The Singlehood Series: I Invited Her To A House Party And She Embarrassed Me

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After spending the better part of last year indoors, I was eager to go out, party, and let loose. Lucky for me, my friends had the same idea. As soon as the country opened up, the calls started coming in. Everyone was looking for a turn-up and it didn’t take long to get one. One of our closest friends was hosting a house party at a lavish Airbnb she had booked. The best part was that I just needed to show up and I could bring a plus one.

I had no complaints and quickly accepted the invite. My only problem was that I was single and there was no way I was going to my first party after lockdown alone. So, I did what any young, desperate man would do – scrolled my contact list and made those calls. Of course, most of the girls declined. I was hoping they had forgotten how badly I treated them since we hadn’t been outside in months but they weren’t that easy. Just when I was about to give up, I got a text from one of the girls I had DM’d on Instagram.

“Hey. I’d love to come. Send me the location.”

It was the day before the party and I didn’t have much choice so I decided to go with her. We hadn’t met in person but we chatted online almost every day during the lockdown. She was quite interesting, good-looking, and most importantly, a girl so I figured nothing could go wrong. Thinking about it now, I shouldn’t have invited a stranger to a house party full of my friends.

“Nice. I’ll call you an Uber tomorrow.” I replied.

“Okay. Can’t wait to meet you.”

The day finally came and all I could think of was partying. I got to the apartment a bit early to help my friend organize everything and pre-game before the others came.

“I hope you have a date because all my friends don’t want anything to do with you.” She said.

“What do you mean?”

“They’ve known what you do.”

“What do I do?”

“You never text and you’re always looking for a new girl to hit on.”

I chuckled. “That’s the old me. I have a girlfriend now.”

“Really? I’ll have to see it to believe.”

“Yea. She’s coming. You’ll meet her.”

I don’t know why I said that but now it only made things worse for me at the house party. People started arriving and the party officially kicked off. I knew my date wouldn’t show up until late in the evening since I told her it was a night event. So, I wasn’t worried that my friends would ask her too many questions. It would be embarrassing if they found out me, Mr Heartbreaker, couldn’t find a date for the party.

At around 5.30 pm, she called me asking whether the party was still on.

“I’m ready. Are we still meeting?” she asked

“Of course. Let me send you the address.” I said then texted her immediately I hang up.

Young black people at a house party. Image from

Sure enough, she was at the apartment in less than thirty minutes and she was dressed to kill. Even my friends couldn’t believe she was my date. The girl was somewhat Instagram famous which explains why she was very willing to show up to a random house party as long as she could post about it. After introducing her to my friends, I pulled her away and poured her a drink. I was having so much fun that I forgot to tell her that my friends think she’s my girlfriend.

As the night progressed, she got comfortable with my friends and the questions started coming in.

“So, how did you meet?” one asked.


“When did you start dating?”

“Dating? This is the first time I’m meeting him in person.”

There was a sudden silence in the room as everyone stared at me.

“I knew James was lying.” One of the girls said.

It took me a minute before I could gather my thoughts and respond. However, they kept attacking me and asking her more questions. She spilt the tea.

“I only came because he promised there would be expensive alcohol and I could meet some of his rich friends.” She continued.

Things only went from bad to worse. My friends made fun of me the whole night until I had to seclude myself until things cooled off. The girl ignored me the rest of the night and sure enough, she met one of my rich friends and became friendly with him. I was so embarrassed that as soon as daylight hit, I called an Uber and left the apartment.

Later in the day, the host of the party informed me that she still had the Airbnb for the rest of the weekend and that they were still partying if I wanted to join them. I’d be a fool to go back to that house after my embarrassing situation. The girl stayed for the rest of the weekend and I watched how much fun everyone was having through her Instagram stories.

Though she apologized for the way she behaved that day at the house party, I’m still a little mad at her. We have remained friends and she started dating one of the guys she met at the house party. For me, I learned my lesson about inviting strangers to a social gathering and worse, lying about dating them. The experience bruised my ego and scarred my reputation as a heartbreaker but I’ve matured a lot from it.

Getting a taste of my own medicine made me realize that I needed to treat women a bit better. Additionally, if I had focused on one girl, I would have avoided the whole situation. I’m yet to meet the girl that I’ll settle down with but I think I’m ready.

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