My Friend Is Getting Married But I Feel Some Type Of Way About It – My Best Friend’s Wedding Part 2

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I had learnt that my best friend was engaged which sent my mind racing. It’s not like I wasn’t happy for her but did down inside, I wished it was me. The news just made me feel worse about my struggling love life. To add insult to injury, she asked me to be her bridesmaid at her wedding and not her Maid Of Honour. I literally mothered the girl when she was at the lowest point in her life and this was the thanks I got. Check out My Friend Is Getting Married But I Feel Some Type Of Way About It & My Best Friend’s Wedding Part 1

I stared at the empty bottle of wine on my kitchen counter as I contemplated opening the one next to it. I couldn’t remember the last time I drew the curtains, cleaned the house, or talked to anyone I knew. My phone had been off for the last few days and I wasn’t planning on switching it on soon. Without giving it another thought, I reached for the wine opener in the top drawer and uncorked the bottle. I poured myself a large glass of red wine, almost filled to the brim, then dragged my feet to my bedroom.

The carpet had always been my comfort place. This time was no different. I settled on the warm fluffy carpet next to my bed with my glass of wine still in hand. After adjusting myself to a comfortable position, I took a big gulp then exhaled heavily as if I had been relieved of the heaviest load. I wasn’t much of a drinker and even the taste of sweet, red wine made me clenched my teeth with every sip. Nonetheless, I downed the bottle effortlessly. I would regret it the next morning.

The alarm clock went off. Damn that Christmas gift from Gladys! However, I felt a little different that day. As much as I didn’t want any contact with the outside world, a part of me wondered whether anyone missed me or wanted to know my whereabouts. But most importantly, I missed my best friend. We hadn’t spoken since she broke the news of her engagement and I wanted to know how she was doing. She must have been happy. Who wouldn’t be? She was about to spend the rest of her life with a man who treated her like a queen.

My phone went wild as soon as I switched it on. WhatsApp messages missed call alerts and emails streamed in. After things settled, I decided to give Gladys a call.

I waited a good minute before she answered the phone.

“Hello.” She said sweetly as if she didn’t want to spook me.

“Hi, babe.”

“Where have you been? We’ve been worried sick about you.” She said with a firmer voice.

“I needed a break. I think I had burnt out.” I explained knowing well it was a lie.

“Well, are you still up for being my bridesmaid?”

“Of course, but your wedding isn’t until next year, right?”

“Actually, it’s in two months.”

That wasn’t the news I exactly to hear after being gone for a few days. However, I promised that I’d be more understanding and not make it about me.

“That’s great to hear, Gladys. I’m here if you need any help.”

“Since you’ve mentioned it, do you mind planning my bachelorette party in a month?”

I swallowed hard then replied, “Of course. Anything for you.”

“Thanks, darling. You’re the best.”


Gladys’ wedding came sooner than any of us expected. I had barely accepted the fact that she was engaged and now, she wanted me to plan her bachelorette party. I won’t lie, I wasn’t completely ecstatic about this news either. But things were different this time. I had drunk half a wine cellar, taken some time to think and I decided I didn’t want to lose my best friend. So, even if it meant planning her entire wedding, I would do it.

I teamed up with Sunny for the bachelorette party. As always, she had grand plans.

“Let’s book a hotel suite in Diani.”

“Will you pay for everyone’s transport?” I asked and she went silent.

“Okay. How about a party in the wild? We hire a tour van and take the girls.”

“I think she just wants to go to the club and get drunk.”

“That’s so basic. But you know her better so I’ll follow your lead.”

“Okay, how about Sky Lounge? One of the bridesmaids works there so she might be able to get us a good deal.”

“Sure. I’ll handle the rest.”

“Okay but remember, keep it simple.”

Sunny never disappointed. The venue looked out of this world. As soon as we entered the lounge, we were greeted with a huge floral display and a signboard written “WELCOME TO OUR SISTER’S FAREWELL TO SLAYING PARTY” It got a few laughs.

People turned up in numbers to bid Gladys farewell to her single life indeed. The party kicked off at around 4 pm and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Gladys, especially, was happy with the party and she couldn’t stop saying how thankful she was. Maybe it was the three shots of tequila talking. Things only got wilder from then. By 9 pm, most of the guests had tapped out and went home. We remained a handful of people out of the dozens that showed up. However, Gladys wasn’t done partying and suggested we move to a different location – the casino. None of us was much of a gambler so we figured it would be a short trip. It was. After losing Ksh. 10,000, we were ready to call it a night.

“I love you guys.” Gladys slurred as we took her to her apartment.

“We love you too,” Sunny replied

“I don’t love Mike.” She said almost mumbling. By that time, we had got her to her bedroom and tucked her in bed. I exchanged an awkward look with Sunny then acted like we hadn’t heard what she said. The drive to my house was painfully quiet.


The month flew by. Between catching up on work and my own life, I barely had time to attend the bridal party meetings. I only showed up once to confirm my measurements. Gladys and I exchanged awkward pleasantries and didn’t speak much after that.

Finally, the day we had all been looking forward to arrived. Gladys seemed excited about it than we expected.

“Should we say something?” I whispered to Sunny as we got dressed.

“She’s your best friend. You decide.”

I wanted to check on her and confront her about what she had told us that night. However, I thought she didn’t mean it. She looked happy. I didn’t want to spoil it for her. I found myself alone with Gladys at the makeup station. Again, I tried hard to avoid the topic.

“What’s wrong?” She asked as she got her makeup done. “You’ve been avoiding me again.”


“I’m not stupid, Hannah.” We shared an intense look.

“Okay. You said something to us the night of your Bachelorette party. Can you remember?”

She signalled the makeup artist to leave then turned to me. “Of course, I do.”

“Do you still feel the same way?”

“Yes.” She started sobbing. “Mike is a wonderful guy but there’s no spark.”

“Then why are you marrying him?”

“Honey, I’m not getting any younger.”

I couldn’t believe the words that came out of Gladys’ mouth. When did she become this cold-hearted, scheming woman? The girl I knew was sweet and gentle.

Sure enough, Gladys put on a huge smile and walked down the runway. The guests in attendance whispered in admiration, oblivious of just how uninterested the lady in white was in the man she was about to marry.

There was nothing I could do. It wasn’t my place to say anything to Mike or anyone, for that matter. However, I knew that Gladys had signed herself up for a life full of loneliness. Suddenly, I felt better about being the bridesmaid.

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