My Friend Is Getting Married But I Feel Some Type Of Way About It – My Best Friend’s Wedding Part 1

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Sunny was the kind of girl who had an easy life. As an event planner, her life was literally a party and she made good money while at it. Her private life was also flourishing. She was married. Her wedding was perfect. Now, she’s a mum of two children – twins, for that matter – and lives in a posh estate with her architect husband.

Gladys, on the other hand, could barely afford to feed herself. She was quite an attractive girl but didn’t seem to have any luck when it came to a career. Her work as a cocktail waitress wasn’t exactly the dream job she wanted. However, it paid her a decent salary. Gladys was just bad with money. She would rather buy designer bags and shoes than pay her rent.

Between Sunny’s jet-setting lifestyle and Gladys’ 3-am drunken phone calls, my life seemed pretty tame, I had worked the same office job as an accountant since I graduated from the university. My social life was non-existent. When I wasn’t at work, I spent most of my time sleeping and catching up on my Netflix list. I struggled in the love department, which was usually the butt of the joke within our friend group.

We had been friends since high school and remained close throughout the years but in the recent past, Gladys and I had become closer than ever. I had somehow assumed a big sister role to her after a huge fallout with her family. It was fun at first and I loved the idea of babysitting her but I needed my space. Things were finally starting to look up for her. She became more serious with her work and got back together with one of her ex-boyfriends who happened to be super-wealthy. So I knew she could manage without my help.

“Hey babe, where are you?” I asked her.

“David’s place but I’m getting ready for work.”

“Can we meet after you finish your shift?”

“Sure. Come to the lounge.” She replied then hang up.

That was easy, a bit too easy. Normally, Gladys sensed danger from a mile away and she knew how to avoid it. She had also come to learn that any time I called her in the middle of the day, I wasn’t calling with good news. However, this time, she seemed eager to see me. I was happily surprised.

I got dressed up and did my make up slowly trying to kill time before she got off work. By 4.30 pm, my patience had run out and I decided to go and wait for her to finish her shift at the lounge.

Groups of men roared with laughter as their clinked their whiskey glasses in the dimly lit private lounge. The noise made me uncomfortable and I couldn’t stand the cigar smell that filled the air. How did I find myself there again? Oh yes, my best friend worked as a cocktail waitress there so that meant I could get the occasional free drink. I watched as the men cat-called her for a whole hour until she finally finished her shift.

“How do you stand this place?” I asked her as she sat next to me with a drink in hand.

“I won’t have to work here for too long now.” She said flashing a huge smile and waving her hand in my face to draw my attention. “I’m engaged.”

“Oh my God, Congratulations!!” I exclaimed as I stared at her huge diamond ring.


Weeks had passed after Gladys dropped the bombshell about her engagement. I had barely talked to her since and I wasn’t even sure if Sunny was aware of the latest development. She had travelled to New York with her hubby on a work trip and returned a few days ago. As always, she wanted to meet me and fill me in on how much fun she had. At least, she came with gifts. We agreed to meet at a popular restaurant in town for lunch.

Sunny was never one to keep time but I was already used to it so I sat patiently at a corner table as I scrolled through the menu. I kept checking around to see if she would appear knowing too well that she wasn’t even remotely close. Sure enough, I waited nearly an hour before she showed up.

She walked in strutting in her 6-inch heels which drew everyone’s attention with every step. Her tall, slender frame looked even taller in the heels and she dwarfed everyone she crossed.

“Fashionably late as usual,” I said as we embraced.

“Traffic, darling.” She replied with a raspy voice.

“You look great, though.”

“Thank you. I brought a few things from New York.”

“Wow, thank you. So, have you heard?” I asked referring to Gladys’ engagement.

“You’re pregnant?” she joked.

“I wish. Gladys is engaged.” I replied.

It’s not that I wasn’t happy for her. I was. She was like a sister to me and I wanted the best for her. That didn’t mean that I was ecstatic. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I’d be the single friend. We all talked about our futures and I was always the one who dreamt of marriage and a family. Sunny was set on being a globe trotter while Gladys didn’t think she could let go of her partying lifestyle. Yet, there I was, the single one. How did life turn on me like this?


After a few weeks, Gladys finally remembered that I existed and gave me a call.

“How are you?” she asked in a concerned tone.

“I’m good. I’ve just been busy with work.”

“Really? Sunny told me she met up with you. Why didn’t I get an invite?”

“You’ve been ghosting me lately. I thought you wanted some time to enjoy your new relationship status.”

She laughed. I could tell she was happy and that made me happy despite my own concerns.

“Speaking of, I have something to ask you.” She paused. “Will you be my…”

Here we go! I had completely forgotten that she needed a Maid Of Honour. At least, even if it wasn’t my wedding, I could still play a significant role in the wedding.

“Bridesmaid?” she finished.

“Bridesmaid? Who will be your Maid Of Honour?” I asked surprised.

“My sister. We mended our relationship and she’s honestly given me so much marriage advice. I think I can count on her to be there for me at my wedding.”

You’d think my best friend’s wedding would be one of the happiest days of my life. After all, I had been through hell and back with that woman. But I couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous. It was because of me that she was getting married. I introduced her to her soon-to-be hubby and what do I get? A bridesmaid position. Not even the Maid Of Honour. Apparently, her sister was a better Maid Of Honour than me. That’s how it felt, at least.

Once again, they left me out without even a warning. I agreed to be her bridesmaid since it was better than nothing.

My mind kept racing. I couldn’t understand why I was always the single friend, the matchmaker or the bridesmaid. Maybe I expected too much from life or if I was as easygoing as Gladys, I would have been engaged as well. Even now, I was so focused on my own life that I couldn’t celebrate how far my friend had come from.

Maybe I would have a change of heart with time. After all, it’s not like she was getting married tomorrow. Here is part 2. My Friend Is Getting Married But I Feel Some Type Of Way About It – My Best Friend’s Wedding Part 2

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