7 Biggest Dangers To Motorcyclists On The Road

Motorcycle accident. Image from https://www.sacramentoinjuryattorneysblog.com/eureka-woman-identified-following-fatal-motorcycle-accident/

Motorcyclists find their environment quite fascinating and full of fun. This can be seen from the way they easily outmaneuver other vehicles and pedestrians on the road. However, this whole lot of fun comes at a price! In as much as motorcycle riding seems an easy task for some, it still has its fair share of the perils that come with road usage. Normally, lack of experience and recklessness is the root of the danger that motorcyclists are exposed to while on the road. The following encompasses the biggest dangers to motorcyclists on the road.

1. Loose gravel on the road

Motorcycles are well adapted to making turns by the banked points of a typical road, a situation that is normally observable on normal roads; both murram and tarmac. However, loose chips of gravel on some sections of the road wear out the wheels resulting in decreased grip on the road.  Therefore, gravel can easily cause the motorcycle to skid leading to a wreck the moment the rider tries to make a swift turn. The danger comes from the side falls that are always unpredictable and could make the motorcycle roll over to other traffic thus causing an accident.

2. Panicking on emergency breaks

Most motorcycle riders especially beginners tend to fall victim to the panic stops that cycling demands especially if there is another on-coming high-speed vehicle from the opposite direction. This brings about the danger of a wreck when the rider is forced to apply emergency breaks to avoid hitting the oncoming traffic.

Applying breaks is certainly more dangerous in motorcycles more than in other traffic. The inertial force would resist the stopping power thus posing a great risk to the motorcyclist onboard. A remedy to this danger would be to purchase a motorbike with installed anti-lock brakes. Panicking is the most perilous situation in road usage.

3. Unexpected reckless turning of cars

Sometimes, car drivers and other road users fail to adhere to the traffic rules on making turns. The most dangerous points are the intersections whereby drivers tend to make careless left turns thus posing a great danger to motorcyclists. The impact of sudden collisions would lead to a grisly accident thus causing deaths or injuries.

Drivers are expected to be alert and shun using their cellphones and pay attention to the traffic rules. But what happens when that is not followed? This puts motorcyclists in danger and that compels them to pay keen attention when riding across road intersections.

Motorcycle accident. Image from https://www.sacramentoinjuryattorneysblog.com/eureka-woman-identified-following-fatal-motorcycle-accident/

4. Over speeding

Normally, most motorcyclists find it fascinating to increase the speed at some points on the road, most of which seek to display their prowess in motorcycle riding. However, the danger that comes with overspeeding is too risky.

Well, motorcycles may be faster than any other traffic on the road but that does not mean that they should wield that speed recklessly, lest they end up achieving the opposite. It is certainly difficult to transition the change of speed at the corners and banked points.  Speed kills! It never spares both the amateur and the experienced riders.

5. Gloomy weather conditions

Motorcycle riding during humid and rainy days is equally dangerous. The wetness causes slicking of road surfaces thus causing motorcycles to skid and lose control along the road. Moreover, bad weather reduces visibility thus confusing traffic as it is difficult to make break application decisions.

Misty weather may completely cause obstruction thus creating a danger to riders as they are at risk of plunging into head-on accidents. Snow and ice in temperate countries cause the danger of skidding and losing control.

6. Drunk-driving

Road usage is certainly one of the most vulnerable places one finds themselves in. Some drivers and motorcyclists use alcohol and other drugs, which means that they could be intoxicated. Well, an intoxicated person is prone to impaired judgment on-road usage. Therefore, this poses a great danger to other road users especially the motorcyclists who may not figure out the intentions of the drivers behind them or the on-coming traffic. Accidents related to drunk driving are very difficult to expect and control.  It is certainly not safe for cyclists on the road.

7. Lane transition

Normally, car drivers tend to consider other traffic of a bigger magnitude, thus overlooking the probable on-coming motorcyclists. Therefore, riders need to be on the lookout to identify drivers seeking to shift lanes, especially on the service lanes of high-ways and single-way roads.

The danger is more tragic to motorcyclists who travel at considerably high speeds. Consequently, motorcycle riders are at great risk of running victim of emergency collision during lane transition.

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