What Your Signature Alcoholic Drink Says About You

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Pick your poison, what will it be? Gin, tequila, beer, gin, or wine? It could be one or two of these, or that plus/minus whiskey, vodka, or rum. Whatever your choice(s), know that there is a bartender somewhere who may be predicting your personality based on your drink.

Is this to say that you suddenly disassociate from a particular drink? No, it’s never that serious. But as you read through this article, you can try to figure out if you and your friends actually fit this criterion that’s been predicted by bartenders all over.

1. Red wine

Red wine is a classic, loved and adored by many. From the different scents to the aesthetics, red wine is a beautiful drink. But it goes beyond that. People who like to drink red wine are said to be social butterflies. More often than not, the wine drinker is pushing the conversation forward. This can go both ways, sweet and sour. They tend to be fearless, confident, and direct. Wine drinkers also ooze sophistication.

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2. White Wine

You’ve got to love chilled white wine. It’s smooth, and tasty, of course depending on the brand. What does white wine say about your personality? A survey found that white wine drinkers are more likely to be extroverted individuals who prefer to stay up late and listen to punk music. They’re also more likely to be curious, sarcastic perfectionists, prefer cats over dogs and are willing to spend less on a bottle.

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3. Beer

Beer is one of those drinks that has extreme fans and extreme haters. Because of this, it seems like an acquired taste. But what does it say about a person’s personality? Beer lovers like to chill and know exactly how to. They don’t want to experience intoxicated falls, though they may have learnt that the hard way after consuming a whole beer tower by themselves.

According to a study, beer drinkers topped the charts of sensation-seekers. They are extroverts who prefer activities such as loud music, dancing and action-packed sports. Beer drinkers also placed the highest on the scales of antisocial behaviour and low social conformity.

4. Rum

If I were to describe rum, I would say it is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Some swear by it while others can’t stand the sight/smell of it. Just like the other alcoholic drinks talked about, rum-lovers exude a certain personality. Rum lovers were raised to follow rules and follow-through, but they don’t mind tapping into their chaotic side once in a while. They are always looking for their next conquest and next move.

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5. Whiskey

Very many people would not pick whiskey as their first choice of alcoholic drinks. Whiskey oozes masculinity. It seems like the people who hate whiskey think those who drink it do so to make some kind of masculine, entitled statement. Most whiskey drinkers are serious people. They’re most likely to be caught in either a deep conversation or sitting alone in a dark corner. They tend to be quiet observers and prefer it that way.

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6. Vodka

Next up, we have this clear alcohol. It might not look like it, but vodka can be dangerous. Beyond that, here’s what it means for your personality – Vodka means that you’re versatile. Maybe you’re multi-talented, a jack of all trades, or very people-oriented. Whatever it is, you are adaptable to any situation. Some people might think you’re basic at first sight, but they’re dumbfounded once they get to know your personality. No matter who you’re with, you’re bound to have a good time – even if it takes a little convincing at first.

7. Tequila

You can never go wrong with tequila, and especially if you take it the proper way with lemon and salt. Tequila is a great drink. Tequila-lovers, on the other hand, are adventure-lovers who need a constant influx of thrill in their lives. Tequila-lovers may be coughing out more than what they’re downing in, but they know that their outrageous dance moves are what will truly set the party mode on.

8. Gin

Gin is a super-popular drink. Whether it be Gilbey’s, Gordon’s, or Sapphire, people commonly come together for gin. What does it say about their personality types? Gin lovers are the most mysterious of them all. Gin drinkers love the fact that you can’t get a read on them, and they’re honestly probably just drinking gin to confuse you even more. People who love gin are set in their rules and won’t change for the world.

9. Brandy

Maybe it’s just me, but the word brandy makes me think of sophistication and class. Whether it be cognac or Armagnac, a brandy lover favours the sweeter mixtures and is not a regular drinker. If you love brandy, you don’t necessarily want attention, but there’s something about you that will turn heads. You’re the social sage that speaks only when necessary; other times, you don’t mind just being in the corner, silently sipping from your brandy snifter.

10. Cider

Cider sounds like a laid back drink. It is sweet on the palate and can go down with many foods and snacks. What does it say about your personality? “Cider is for 18-year-olds who haven’t gained a taste for beer yet.” Beyond that, Cider shows that you’re responsible and you probably don’t want to drink too much. It probably also means that you’re not really into beer or heavy drinking at all.

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