What Type Of Exercises Are Right For You?


Exercise is something that we are encouraged to do from a young age. Gym class is introduced to us so that we can get used to the idea of exercise and find a way to incorporate it into our daily lifestyle. One thing they don’t teach in class is that you will not like every bit of exercise that you do. Some people just prefer to do different things. They are like fruit. Some like apples, some like oranges. It is the same with exercise. Some like HIIT training whilst others prefer jogging.

There are four different types of exercise and each focuses on different ways to move your body. They each all come with their benefits. They are cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, and balance. The best way to become fit is to try and do them all. If you are struggling to find a library of exercises head to exercises at www.steelsupplements.com.

This article will explore each type and perhaps give you some idea on how to involve all different types of exercise without feeling overwhelmed.


Cardiovascular (Cardio) or Aerobic exercise is any type of continuous activity that challenges your heart, lungs, and muscles. The main examples are running, swimming and cycling. Participating in these exercises will improve your overall fitness and endurance which removes your risk of heart disease, diabetes and can even release serotonin to improve your mood and sleep. Additionally, they are the most effective for weight loss.

Any amount of aerobic exercise is good for you, so if you feel like you aren’t really doing any now, starting can make a vast improvement in your life. Good targets to aim for set by health professionals per week include 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise such as brisk walking or jogging. Or you can try 75 minutes of high-intensity exercise such as HIIT workouts. You can also mix it up to do a little of both.

Paired with a change to a healthy diet, these exercises can make a real difference to the waistline.


Strength exercises focus on building up and maintaining strength in your major muscle groups such as your back, arms, shoulders, and legs. These are important to maintain throughout life. When you are a child, muscle strength is important for the development of healthy bones. In later life, these exercises will help delay the decline in muscle mass and bone strength. They also promote good posture.

Exercises in this branch include using resistance bands and lifting weights. However, do not feel like you have to jump straight to the gym to develop these muscles. Everyday life can throw up obstacles that require you to strengthen your muscles. Gardening and carrying heavy shopping are easy ways to increase your strength.

One thing to be careful of though is overdoing it. This type of exercise can lead to big injuries. So make sure that you follow a steady increase rather than a dramatic incline.


Exercises that promote flexibility in your joints and how well you can move them can make sure that as you age, you can continue to move freely. Stretching your muscles without jerking or bouncing them is a great way to improve your flexibility.

Yoga and Pilates have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and it is because of the health benefits that they provide. They gently ease and stretch your body while focussing your breathing. As well as improving your strength and balance, these exercises may help you relax and clear your mind of stressful thoughts. There are hundreds of at-home yoga videos online now which makes it more accessible than ever.

You may want to do this exercise every day as it can help center you. However, the older you are, you should aim for at least twice a week.


Activities that challenge your balancing are not only good for general mobility but can help reduce the risk of falling when you get older. Dancing, tai chi, and racquet sports are all fantastic examples of balancing activities. However, you can just as easily do these in the house on your own. Standing on one leg and walking on your tiptoes can make an entire world of difference to your body.

This again helps you when you are older, and you should incorporate more as you age. Much like yoga, you should aim twice a week for balancing exercises.


The exercise you choose to do will be the right one for you. If you enjoy it, it will make you fitter and healthier as well as happier. There is nothing better knowing that you have run farther than you could before, or lifted weights heavier than you have managed in the past.

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