Factors To Consider When Buying Bed Sheets

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The sheets spread on a bed can affect your quality of sleep. You spend an average of 6 to 8 hours wrapped in sheets every night. A good night’s rest has been linked to a stronger immune system and a healthy heart. Quality sleep also reduces anxiety and stress levels and improves memory, concentration and attention. The idea is to make the bedroom as comfortable and conducive to sleep and rest as possible. Here are some tips to consider when buying sheets with a view to maximizing comfort and quality of sleep.

1. Size

Measure the mattress. It’s not enough to be aware of its classification as king, queen or twin because they sometimes differ from one maker to another. Check the dimensions of your mattress along with the depth of it so that the sheet fits perfectly especially for fitted sheets. Also factor in some shrinkage after laundering.

2. Thread count

Thread count refers to the tightness of the weave and the number of threads per square inch. The higher the thread count the tighter the weave, the softer the sheet and the more durable it is over time. The higher the thread count the more comfortable the sheets but only up to a point. A minimum thread count of 200 is good enough but anything over 450 is superfluous and just used as a marketing gimmick to get you to pay more. Anything over 500 is not necessarily better. Thread count is not everything.

Higher thread count also means the material is less breathable which keeps you warmer because it does not pull away from body heat. Lower thread counts are great for warmer temperatures. Between 200 and 400 thread count is usually good enough for any season.

3. The material or fabric

Affordability plays a major role in the selection of material. For comfort and durability, cotton sheets are the best and remain the most preferred material. 100% pure cotton sheets can be expensive and if they are above your budget, consider cotton/polyester blends which are inexpensive but still durable and less prone to wrinkling.

Other popular materials for sheets include linen, polyester and bamboo. Linen ones have a natural airy feel and are popular because of their moisture soaking ability. They are easy to maintain although they wrinkle easily. Polyester sheets are soft, affordable and of tough quality. Bamboo sheets are made from bamboo threads and are more expensive because of the delicate design that makes them especially soft. Other luxury materials are silk, satin and microfiber.

Flannel sheets give a cosy feel and keep you warm during winter. Silk and satin ones are ideal for cold climates because the material traps warmth. Linen is ideal for hot climates. Linen and cotton sheets are the most durable with linen sheets lasting for decades making them a worthwhile investment.

4. Colour

Colours set the tone in the room which affects the quality of sleep. Choose a colour you like that you will be happy and comfortable with when you enter your bedroom. Studies show that blue décor including sheets inspire the best sleep as do comforting colours like warm yellows, greens and silver.

5. Care and maintenance

Consider the laundry and maintenance requirements as you pick both colour and fabric. White sheets look great but they get dirty easily requiring more laundering. Cotton sheets and polyester blends are the easiest to care for. Cotton sheets also have more longevity compared to microfiber sheets.

  1. Wash sheets and pillowcases once a week in cold or warm water with a mild detergent.
  2. Do not bleach them because it can deteriorate soft kinds of cotton.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the care tag when it comes to washing them.

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