The New Girl At The Office Turned Out To Be My Husband’s Side Chick

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My husband didn’t make it a secret that he had a side chick. After 8 years of marriage, rumours started circulating that he was seeing a much younger woman. I wasn’t too angry about it, though. Our marriage was starting to crack and I knew that cheating was inevitable. I decided instead of fighting him, I’d confront him and try to get him to come clean about it.

Sure enough, he admitted he was seeing someone else. We agreed that he would be safe and most importantly, he wouldn’t bring her to our home or near anyone we knew. The arrangement seemed to be going well. My husband was happier and was more present. He got a different phone to talk to his side chick so it wouldn’t interfere with his home life.

This went on for close to one year without any issues. His side chick and I never crossed paths. Additionally, I didn’t even know what she looked like. One day, curiosity got the best of me and I decided to snoop through my husband’s other phone. There were hundreds of pictures of her. I felt a little jealous but reminded myself that my husband had changed for the better after our arrangement. He never slept out during the weekdays and he was not secretive anymore.

She was beautiful and young. I don’t think she was even 25 years old. Her smile illuminates through the screen. Seeing her made me reminisce about my younger days.

“I’m going through his phone,” I told my sister who was aware of our situation.

“Why? You’ll end up getting depressed again.”

“No, I’m okay. I’ve seen her.”

“I’ve seen her pictures,” I said nonchalantly.

“Really? What does she look like?”

“She’s beautiful. Trevor really picked a pretty one.”

“Well, just don’t get too involved in that relationship. Trust me, it won’t end well.”

I tried to separate myself from it and act like I didn’t know anything. However, as the days went by, I felt an urge to know more about the side chick. It was easy to find her since she was the only person my husband followed on Instagram. It turned out she worked in the same industry as I did. In fact, we had attended the same events on several occasions. I’m not sure how my husband met her but we shared a lot of similarities.

The relationship continued without any event but I slowly started being more involved. I learned the places they like to go to and what they liked to talk about. She even shared her music playlist with my husband which explains why he started listening to different music.

One day, a new girl came to the office. She was introduced as the new addition to the company and she would be working in our department. At first, it didn’t hit me that she was my husband’s side chick until she said her name.

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“My name is Hannah Wan…”

My ears started ringing as soon as I heard the name. It was the same name as my husband’s side chick. A second look at the girl confirmed that indeed she was the same girl as the one on my husband’s phone. I barely said a word after that encounter. It was like I had seen a ghost. I couldn’t even bring myself to confront her.

A few days passed since she joined the company. I would hear her speak to my husband on the phone and plan their next date or getaway and I’d simply sit in silence. In reality, I wanted to strangle her and rip her tongue out of her mouth. My co-workers noticed that I hadn’t spoken to Hannah since the day she started work. However, they assumed I simply didn’t like her.

About a week later, she finally came to talk to me.

“Hi. I don’t think we’ve said a word to each other.”

“Yea. Welcome to the company.”

“Thank you. Don’t worry, I know you’re Trevor’s wife.”

Again. I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. How did she know? Did she snoop through his phone too? Had he told her about me?

“He talks about his family a lot.” She continued.

I wanted to tell her to shut up, to smack her in the face. However, I didn’t want to start drama in the office. Instead, I was warm to her. I even invited her for lunch which she agreed. My plan was to confront her in a neutral place.

“So why are you dating a married man?”

“We just met and had a connection.”

“A connection? He’s old enough to be your father!”

“I know. But he said you’re okay with it. I think it’s really cool of you.”

“I’m not that nice. I simply agreed so I wouldn’t lose my husband. You better end the relationship or things won’t be very easy for you here.” I threatened her.

“Don’t worry, I’ve been planning how to end the relationship since I got a better job. I don’t need someone to pay my rent anymore,” she replied like it was not a big deal.

I was really holding myself from attacking her. However, we managed to get through the lunch without any incident and my heart was settled after she told me she wanted to end her relationship with my husband.

She was true to her word and she ended the relationship. However, my husband still went out every other weekend claiming that he was going to meet her. It turned out that Hannah was not the only side chick. He was seeing several other young girls. That was the last straw. I could handle him seeing another woman and being honest about it. However, cheating on me with several other women was another thing.

I decided to file for divorce since our relationship had been damaged beyond repair. I’m currently in the process of getting a divorce and though it has been hard, I feel a sense of relief now.

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