The Singlehood Series: He Talked Politics On Our First Date And It Was A Turnoff For Me

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Let me start by saying, I hate politics. I feel like that’s important to keep in mind since it would seem petty to dismiss someone because they talked about politics. I never watch the news and the last time I engaged in a political discussion I ended up having sleepless nights. So, for my own mental wellbeing, I stay away from politics.

This time was no different. The last person I wanted to meet when looking for a date was someone who was into politics but it seemed the universe had other plans. From our initial encounter, Sean was a pretty cool guy. He was soft-spoken, well-read, and well-travelled. We definitely had those things in common. We instantly bonded over the latest books we had read and our next travel destination.

“I’ve heard so many good things about India. I want to see if it’s true.” He said talking about his travel plans.

“Me too. But I want to visit Turkey first. Istanbul seems like a dream.”

We chatted about all the places we’ve been or wish to go to. It was refreshing to meet someone with who I had so much in common. We were so caught up in our conversation that I forgot we were waiting to be served at the bank. Eventually, we snapped back to reality and exchanged numbers then went about our business.

My excitement was pretty obvious though I didn’t want to get ahead of myself. Besides, he probably wasn’t on the same page as I was. I promised myself that even if he wasn’t looking for a relationship, I would still keep him as a close friend since we shared some interests.

That same day, he called me and we ended up talking for more than an hour.

“I don’t think I got enough of your voice.” He said seemingly flirting.

I chuckled then replied, “You have my attention now.”

“So, when can I take you on a proper date?”

“On the weekend?”

“Anything you want.”

“It’s a date then,” I replied happily.

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For sure, it was. Sean reserved a table at a high-end restaurant and sent me an Uber to pick me up. I was quite impressed since I didn’t expect that kind of treatment. However, he did come off as a hopeless romantic and I could now confirm that he was. I got to the restaurant in less than 15 minutes since there was hardly any traffic.

The restaurant was slightly full and the waiters walked back and forth serving the customers. One of them welcomed me and directed me to a table where Sean was already seated. He looked so dapper in a dark blue suit, crisp white shirt, and white Adidas sneakers.

We embraced and he pulled out the chair for me. As soon as I sat down, a waiter stood in front of our table and introduced himself as our waiter for the evening. We started the night with a glass of wine and a plate of baked spring rolls. The evening was going perfectly with good food and even better company. Sean was charming and funny which I couldn’t get enough of. I was enjoying the date until he dropped the ball.

“What do you think about the political climate?”

I was tongue-tied. It was as if he had asked me the most offensive question.

“I don’t like politics.”

“Even a bit?”


I thought telling him that I didn’t like politics would be a clear hint that I didn’t want to talk about the topic. However, he continued to ask me more about my political opinions.

“Are you following these party wrangles?”

“Not really.”

“It’s crazy. I don’t know who to support in next year’s elections.” He paused as if waiting for me to say something.

I fiddled with my fork making clicking noises against the plate hoping that it would distract him from the topic. Some of the other diners looked at us irritated but Sean didn’t seem to get the point. Since my silence and not-so-subtle hints didn’t work, I decided to use my voice to end the conversation.

“I’m not sure why you’ve brought up politics on our first date. It’s a complete turnoff for me and I thought you were better than that.”

“Why don’t you like politics?”

“I don’t gain anything from it.”

“So, you’re one of those people who don’t vote?”

“What if I am?”

He acted so shocked as if I had insulted him. We had a heated argument for almost thirty minutes until we both realized that we were going nowhere. The date ended shortly after that and I can confidently say it was one of the worst dates I have ever been on.

He tried to contact me after and apologize for being up politics on our date but I had already made up my mind about him.  Anyone who’s involved with politics is a huge no for me, even as a friend. He still maintained his passion for politics and it only made things worse. The more he tried to make me see his point of view, the more my attraction to him faded.

We lost touch with each other over time and though I lost someone who shared a similar love for traveling and books as me, I couldn’t imagine how life would be around him. Also, the fact that he was so unwilling to let go of the political topic and instead tried to convince me to change my opinion about politics wouldn’t sit well with me. He was too into politics to save him. I’m just glad I discovered this earlier on before I became too involved with him.

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