7 Tips To Nail Flawless Makeup On Textured Skin

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Flawless skin has been made to seem like it’s easily attainable by every woman. In reality, the average woman struggles with acne and blackheads which causes textured skin.  Even with consistent skincare, it’s common to experience breakouts. Skincare: 7 Ways To Deal With Skin Breakouts

One of the biggest struggles people with textured skin face is applying makeup. Textured skin requires particular products and techniques that will give a flawless finish. Here are some tips you can use to achieve this.

1. Map the placement of your makeup

Sticking to the same makeup routine might not work especially if you experience regular skin issues. Some days you may experience breakouts, other days you may experience puffiness. Your acne days need different products from your puffy days.

Check where your skin needs help and focus on these areas. Once you identify your problem areas, curate makeup products that offer different coverage levels.

2. Learn how to shade match

Finding the perfect foundation shade can save you from patchy looking makeup. Whether you have textured skin or smooth skin, matching your foundation colour to your natural skin tone is one of the first steps to getting flawless makeup.

It is more important to find the right makeup shade when you have textured skin in order to have a more natural finish. The foundation will disappear seamlessly into the skin thus avoiding caky makeup. 8 Tips For Picking The Right Foundation Shade

3. Apply your foundation in thin layers

Avoid applying too much foundation as it can draw unnecessary attention to textured skin. Instead, apply it in thin layers and on areas where it’s needed.

If your skin is breaking out, don’t apply foundation to it. You can apply concealer to give your skin a more even look. When applying foundation, use patting motions since rubbing will only aggravate your skin more.

A woman applying makeup. Image from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TP4-G2OZycU

4. Use the right sponge

Your makeup tools have an influence on how your makeup looks. For textured skin, sponges are more ideal in application since it’s gentler on the skin. Additionally, it’s more effective in blending your makeup evenly.

Go for a high-quality blending sponge from reputable brands such as e.l.f and Fenty Beauty as they deliver a smooth finish.

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5. Use skincare as a primer

Skincare is a must, especially for texture skin. It improves the appearance of any blemishes thus making it easy to apply makeup. Additionally, some skin issues can be easily solved through a good skincare routine. How To Take Care Of Acne Prone Skin

Before applying makeup, make sure you prep your skin. Use skincare products that are suitable for your skin type to avoid making your skin’s condition worse. Skincare: Signs You Have Sensitive Skin And How To Care For It

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6. Keep the lips natural

Natural lip colours will give you a more natural makeup look thus drawing less attention to your skin. It’s, therefore, necessary to keep your lips natural if you have textured skin. Some great lip colours include nude, light pink and brown. Remember to prep your lips by exfoliating and applying lip balm or lip primer before applying lipstick to avoid dry-looking lips. Beauty: 7 Lip Liner Tricks For Fuller Lips

7. Skip the bronzer

When contouring, avoid using a bronzer as this only highlights your flaws. Acne-prone skin usually has a reddish tone (white skin) already and hyperpigmentation on black skin.  Therefore, using a bronzer, especially a powder one, might give you an unnatural look. Stick to contour products only.5 Home Remedies For Skin Pigmentation

Additionally, the contour products should be cool-toned shades and you shouldn’t go overboard with the contouring either.

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