Entertainment: The Nairobi Cocktail Fair – Good Vibes And Even Better Drinks

Photobooth at Nairobi Cocktail Fair

Nairobi Cocktail Fair will go down as one of the most fun events in my books. It went down over the weekend and we all came with one mission – to get drunk and enjoy the day. The doors, well, the yellow tape opened at noon and the party kicked off on a high note. An intimate setting welcomed me once I passed the yellow tape and I was handed my ticket to unlimited alcohol all day. A VIP pass gave me access to a sample of all 45 cocktails and 5 full cocktails of my choice.

Even on the last day (Sunday), the party was still in full swing and spirits were high. Here’s what happened in case you missed it.

It was held at the plush gardens of Ngong Racecourse Waterfront which had the perfect ambience for an event like the Nairobi Cocktail Fair. The setup on the grounds was pretty straightforward which made it easy to navigate through the cocktail stations.

Venue at Nairobi Cocktail Fair. Image courtesy of Muze Club

The Cocktails At Nairobi Cocktail Fair

Drinks were courtesy of some of the best mixologists in town like Pablo Mulei and Kelvin Dunlop who really brought their A-game. Whether you’re a fan of strong or sweet drinks, there were over 45 cocktails to sample. And trust me, they didn’t disappoint.


Like a true Kenyan, I headed straight to the gin station where they were making bomb cocktails with Hendricks Gin. These weren’t just any cocktails, though. They had personality and character. You could taste exactly what the mixologist wanted you to taste. 10 Gin Cocktails That You Should Try Out At Home

Hendricks Gin was in plenty

My favourite was the classic gin and tonic with a delicious twist. Like a magician, the mixologist didn’t reveal the twist that made the drink super sweet. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it a lot.

Tequila Town

The tequila station was another popular stop. Tequila cocktails are always a vibe and this was no different. They served an array of world-famous cocktails like Tequila Grapefruit Soda, Tequila Sunrise, and Paloma. This was a great chance to experience cocktails other than Mojito.

The Tequila Grapefruit Soda was the highlight of my experience. It was pretty, sweet with a punch just the way I like my cocktail.

Rum Island And Whisky World

There was something for everyone. For fans of whisky and rum, you could enjoy world-class cocktails curated by expert mixologists. From a classic Old-Fashioned to a delicious Daiquiri, there was no shortage of options depending on your taste.

The Entertainment

What’s an event without good music? Well, you don’t have to worry about entertainment when you attend a Muze event. The music at Nairobi Cocktail Fair was courtesy of some of the best DJs in the country – Riz, Paps, Lasta, Hiribae, and Vidza.

DJ Lasta doing his thing.

Each set was as good as the last one with each DJ bringing their own vibe that kept the crowd on their toes from noon till sundown. It was hard to resist the urge to dance even while waiting for drinks to be served. Not to mention, the weather favoured us a lot all weekend long.

Revellers dancing

For those who wanted to take a break from drinking and dancing, there was no shortage of other activities to do. The open space provided ample space for outdoor games and the preferred choice was football. You could also walk around and enjoy the scenery which consists of dense trees and a flowing river.

Revellers playing football.

Food was courtesy of Eat Out and with a VIP pass, you had access to a meal. Since we were drinking all day, the munchies hit pretty hard. The food station came in handy.

The only thing I wish they would have had is security along the way from the venue to the parking lot. Since the event ended late and people had been drinking the whole day, it would have been great to know that one was safe walking all the way especially if you were solo like I was.  As a woman, I am really conscious about my security and especially at night at an event. 10 Ways To Ensure Your Security While Attending A Concert

The Fashion

The dress code was daytime chic. Basically, this meant what you’d wear to brunch with your group of friends. From ripped mom jeans with crop tops to cocktail dresses, the attendees understood the assignment. Everyone looked good in their own version of a  daytime chic look.

Overall, the weekend was a fun experience, to say the least. If you didn’t show up, you shouldn’t miss the next Muze event or the next Nairobi Cocktail Fair. This is one of those events you can attend consistently and you still won’t have enough.

If you didn’t make it, don’t worry, we got you. Here are cocktails you can make at home for different drinks – whiskey, vodka, gin, cognac, rum and Martini Cocktails.  Here are additional recipes you can check out – Famous Grouse cocktails you can make at home, 10 Different Alcoholic Cocktails You Should Try and Easy Cocktails To Make At Your Next House Party

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