The Singlehood Series: When The Rich Guy Takes You To A Kibanda On The First Date

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Wairimu was finally getting back to herself, after a long, overwhelming heartbreak. She hadn’t been interested in any guy since her ex-boyfriend cheated and abused her. Now, she finally thought she was ready to go back out into the dating world. She was quite excited.

Wairimu met this guy through her friend. His name was Nick, and he was a typical Luo guy. He looked like he lived a flashy lifestyle, dangling different car keys almost every time they bumped into one another. There was something about him that fascinated Wairimu. Maybe it was the way he called her ‘Jaber’ or maybe it was the way his aura filled any room he walked in. He was confident, and she was definitely attracted to that.

They soon got to texting, and he didn’t waste any time asking her out on a date. He had asked her what she liked to do, and Wairimu didn’t hesitate to speak about her love for the Kenyan restaurant scene. She also wanted to try out activities like ziplining but she put that on hold for a later date.

That morning, Wairimu woke up excited as ever. She had planned out her whole outfit in her head, from head to toe and including accessories. Wairimu told herself that she would try out some new makeup which she had received as a graduation gift. She knew just the perfume she would wear and just the right bag.

“Ah, I’ve missed this life,” she said as she showered using her favourite lemon-scented shower gel.

Nick arrived on time, just as he said he would. He wore black khaki pants and a pink polo shirt. The perfect fit.

Wairimu on the other hand went over the top. A white silk bodycon dress, heels, a fancy straw bag. Her makeup sat perfectly on her face, with a subtle shimmery golden eye shadow and clear lipgloss.

“Where are we going?” She dared ask as Nick drove out of her compound.

“You’ll see. I want to take you for a real experience, nothing ordinary,” he said. Wairimu smiled on the inside. She had made sure not to eat that morning so that she would be hungry enough for the tantalising food she was anticipating.

The drive took about two and a half hours. Nick had one hand on the steering wheel and the other on his thigh. He looked good doing it. Almost as though he had been driving for decades.

Soon enough, the car came to a stop. They were, as Wairimu would explain, in the middle of nowhere.

“Is there something wrong with the car?” She asked.

“No, we’ve arrived,” he said.

He dared open the door for her in a gentleman-like fashion. Wairimu stepped out of the car in her six-inch heels and full glam makeup, only to be directed to a kibanda.

Wairimu tried to say something but she couldn’t. She was shocked. She tried to recall whether he had asked her out on a date, or whether they were just hanging out. But the text message was clear. I want to take you out to someplace nice. How do you feel about that?

“What would you like to eat?” Nick asked her.

“Uhh, I’ll have what you’re having,” she said, trying to come back to reality.

The two had Kienyeji chicken and ugali. He also ordered a bottled soda. Wairimu declined the offer. She just wanted to go home. There were chicken and stray dogs walking around the kibanda and she just couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Let’s take a selfie!” Nick asked, and Wairimu was just about to lose it.

“Actually I have a terrible headache, can we leave soon?” She said, finding the perfect excuse to leave. He bought the excuse and they drove back to Nairobi.

As Wairimu settled back into her cosy bedsitter, she thought to herself how she had wasted her dress and makeup for this date. She debated in her head whether she would share the story with her friends. Maybe it would make it more light-hearted. Then her phone rang.

“Today was fun, let’s do this again soon. I hope your headache is better now?” Nick asked.

She didn’t know how to answer him but the only thing she knew for sure was that she wasn’t going to go on another date with him.

“Yeah, I’m feeling better. Thanks for the experience today,” she answered.

As soon as she hang up, she blocked him. That ship had sailed.

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