Careers: 7 Reasons Why You Should Befriend Your Coworkers

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The workplace is a weird place. On one hand, you want to establish good relations with the people around you. On the other, you don’t want to fully let people in because you never know who has your best interests at heart and who doesn’t. Then there is workplace politics and how it influences a lot of things.  10 Ways To Deal With Workplace Politics

Nevertheless, it is still important to befriend your coworkers. You can establish a perfect balance. Be friendly, but don’t overshare. Never gossip about other people, and always maintain boundaries with them.

Here are 7 reasons why you should befriend your co-workers.

1. You enjoy work more

Imagine having to wake up every morning for a five-day workweek, to interact with people you don’t like? It seems mentally exhausting. When you befriend your coworkers, you enjoy your work as you interact with them. Having a friend at work can make any duty seem not so bad because you can either work together or talk about it later on a break. If you work in different departments or have different job titles, you can help each other out more.

2. It leads to higher quality work

Working with people who aren’t your friends is hard. Why? Because it’s not easy to point out constructive criticism or even to give your opinion on something. Even if it is, it may not be taken well. When you befriend your coworkers, it becomes easier.

This is especially true in a team environment in which coworkers must depend on one another to achieve the objectives set out for them. Friendships can allow professionals to develop a higher level of responsibility toward one another. From here, you and your colleagues may make fewer errors in your work, streamline workflow processes and offer the best of your abilities more consistently than before.

3. Stress-mitigation

There can be a lot of tension within the workplace. Mistakes are made, you have issues with clients, or, you rub off of one another in the wrong way. When you befriend your coworkers’ things become a little lighter.

These coworkers may serve as an outlet as you vent about your experiences, offer a level of empathy in the face of obstacles, and inspire you to overcome the challenges you’ve encountered. This consolation can allow you to better mitigate your stress levels and persevere.

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4. Productivity

Befriending your coworkers makes you more productive. Why? You can learn new things from one another. Through this, you get things done faster and in a more efficient way.

Research has found that workers who have a close friend at the office can boost their productivity and experience an increase in performance levels.

5. Sense of belonging

At some point in life, many of us have experienced that feeling of not belonging. One thing is for sure – it’s not a pretty feeling, especially when you’re ‘stuck’ in that place/situation. How do you deal with this in the workplace? Befriend your coworkers.

Humans are social creatures, and that doesn’t change just because you’re on the clock. Having a friend, or a group of friendly faces, will help you feel like you belong at work. You’ll feel more open about sharing problems or successes, and this openness will create a great environment for communication.

6. Collaboration

One thing about life is that you can never, at any one point, know everything. Every single person you meet on this earth has something to teach, and that’s the importance of collaboration. Having more people on friendly terms can facilitate a collaborative environment. There is more of an open ambience where everyone feels like they can offer any idea that pops up in their minds.

7. Great job satisfaction

Nothing feels better than hearing the words “Good job” at work. While it may sometimes be hard to get this from your boss, your friends will definitely point it out.

Deep interpersonal connections can provide more positivity on a day-to-day basis and make your work feel more fulfilling. When you have a coworker who can serve as your ally and help navigate any challenges that arise, you may feel more satisfied with your professional life.

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