The Most Popular Books Throughout History


Across history, a nearly uncountable number of books in every category you could possibly think of have been published. While some have gone unnoticed for the more significant part, some have found a great deal of success.

A select few have gone even further and become books that most people either have in their homes, read at one point or another, or heard the title, at the very least. We have listed a few of these now timeless and iconic reads.

The Bible

According to research carried out by the American Bible Society, about nine out of ten households in America own at least one Bible, rendering bibles one of the most famous literary pieces in history.

What’s more, the purchase of bibles has not declined in popularity over time either. However, this is likely due to the spiritual element of the book and the overall popularity of Christianity itself worldwide. The second most popular holy book to date is the Quran.

To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird is an iconic and intriguing novel published back in 1960. The book found instantaneous success, and most middle schools and high schools in the United States include this novel in the curriculum.

This novel tells the tale of a black town resident falsely accused of raping a white woman. The book was also later banned due to the controversial tone of the story. The racial element of the story may have ended the prolonged success of the novel, although it remains one of the most read books to date.

Don Quixote

This Spanish novel by author Miguel de Cervantes was published back in 1605. Later, in 1615, the second part of the novel was published. To date, it has sold over 500 million copies worldwide, making it one of the most popular books in history.

This famous novel tells of the adventures of a noble who reads romance stories to the eventual point that he decides to pursue the path of becoming a knight-errant with the intention of reviving chivalry and serving his nation.

The Tale Of Two Cities

The Tale Of Two Cities has sold over 200 million copies ever since it was published back in 1859. Charles Dickens wrote this novel during the period of the French Revolution.

The novel is mainly about the possibility of resurrection and transformations in both a personal and societal regard. Currently, the book is widely considered a literary masterpiece for several reasons. What’s more, The Tale Of Two Cities is also one of Dickens’ most loved works.

There are genuinely so many books out there, and while most of us have read or at least heard about the most iconic titles in history, there are tons of others you may never have heard of before.

The Last Black Unicorn is a top-rated book from the millennials’ library of favourites, while Born A Crime is also pretty popular. The list of great books to consider is genuinely endless.

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