Relationships: Benefits Of Using Lube While Having Sex

Lube dripping on woman's manicured hand - Benefits of & Precautions when using lube
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Lube, it’s not just for vaginal dryness. In fact, this singular addition can contribute to all-around better sex regardless of gender, age, or stage in life. In a study, 70% of the women surveyed said that lube made sex more pleasurable and enjoyable. It enhances sex, making it wetter, slicker, more enjoyable, and longer-lasting.

Misconceptions about using lube

There are so many misconceptions around the use of lube including:

  • It’s only for people with vaginal dryness such as post-menopausal women.
  • Needing a lubricant means you are not sexually attracted to your partner. All it means is you could benefit from some extra lubrication. Even if you’re naturally wet enough, lube only makes it so much better.
  • It’s only for people who indulge in sexual acts where it is a necessity to prevent tearing, such as during anal sex.

Benefits of using lube

Prolongs lovemaking sessions. Lube, silicone-based varieties, in particular, are not absorbed quickly which makes sex last longer. Staying wet longer extends intercourse. It can also delay ejaculation which prolongs sex.

Enhances pleasure. Lube comes in different flavours and can create different sensations like a warming or cooling effect wherever it’s applied. When lube is used with a condom, including inside the condom at the tip, it can make sex feel more natural and enhance pleasure for all involved.

Reduces friction and leads to safer sex. Lube reduces the friction of condoms making them less likely to break. It also reduces the microscopic tears through which STI pathogens could enter the body. Reduced friction also makes it more enjoyable for all.

Improved sex life which leads to stronger relationships. A more satisfying sex life, as well as every day hugging, kissing, and touching between partners contributes to relationship satisfaction and overall well-being.

Types of lube and precautions

Lubes come in a variety of bases with different uses and considerations while using each.

  • Water
  • Silicone
  • Oil
  • Hybrid (combining a few of the above)


Are safe to use with both latex and non-latex condoms. They may decrease the risk of condom breakage. It’s popular because it does not stain sheets, is easy on the skin, and washes off easily in water.


This type of lube is silky soft, lasts longer, and is hypoallergenic so most people will not experience a reaction. This is the choice if you’re looking for something that lasts longer and requires minimal reapplication.

Silicone-based lube is also waterproof making it the go-to choice for shower sex or hot tub sex. It is also safe to use with condoms but not with silicone sex toys because it deteriorates the surface of the toys.


This type of lube requires zero reapplication, apply once and it is the gift that keeps on giving. The disadvantage of oil-based lube is it increases the chances of a ripped or torn condom defeating the purpose of using a condom in the first place.

They are also associated with higher rates of infection such as bacterial vaginosis.

Natural lube

If you’re not sold on buying lube there are some items lying around your house that may suffice. It’s important to keep in mind that all oil-based lubes will reduce the efficacy of condoms increasing the chances of breakage.

Coconut oil – is generally safe but some trial and error is necessary to make sure that there are no adverse reactions because of the difference in pH of the vagina and the coconut oil. 11 Reasons You Should Be Using Coconut Oil

Peanut oil – works great, just make sure your partner has no allergies before using it.

Aloe vera – it’s slippery and soothing and can be used with latex condoms. It may also help prevent yeast infections. The caveat is it needs to be pure aloe vera, none of the store-bought stuff that may have other ingredients mixed in. 5 Benefits Of Aloe Vera Gel

Vaseline – it’s an emollient which means it traps moisture, softens skin, and helps it heal. It’s also completely safe to use on the vulva and inside the vagina. The disadvantage is it may be difficult to wipe off after the fact with some remaining trapped which leads people to report feeling a bit ‘greasy’.

Vitamin E oil – it’s a great moisturizer for skin and also works well as a lube.

Here’s to more pleasurable sex for all parties involved!

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