7 Benefits Of Hot Water Bottles

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Hot water bottles are cute and pretty, but beyond the ‘aesthetics,’ they can be very beneficial. The good thing about them is that they’re a great investment. With 1000 shillings you can get a durable hot water bottle that can last you years.

But just what are the benefits of hot water bottles? The obvious answer would be that they keep you warm during the cold season. Hot water bottles make the cold season bearable. You almost want to carry one with you full time.

Here are 7 other benefits of hot water bottles.

1. They ease period cramps

Period cramps are enough to put you on bed rest. They can cripple you from doing your day-to-day activities. If you want to ease period cramps without taking medication, then a hot water bottle will definitely come in handy. When heat is applied to the skin, the heat receptors get switched on and block the effect of chemical messengers causing the pain. A hot water bottle is known to help in relaxing the uterus, reducing the tightening of blood vessels, and improving the blood flow to the uterus.

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2. Ease pregnancy aches

Pregnancy can come with a lot of discomfort and pain. Some people can handle it easier, obviously because we all have different tolerance to pain. To ease pregnancy aches, a hot water bottle may be useful.

A hot water bottle will ease this discomfort and fill future moms with relief. This simple trick works efficiently because in this period the baby is most in need of a warm climate in order to enhance their progress before showing up to this world.

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3. Helps a baby sleep faster

Hot water bottles can help your baby to sleep faster. This gives the mother a chance to also rest. Babies are sensitive to temperature changes and they love to sleep in a warm room. This simple little trick could help your baby fall asleep with comfort and help save your nerves and your time. Fill a hot water bottle with lukewarm water and place it down next to the baby’s legs – make sure it is not hot and that there is a cloth covering the water bottle so that there is no skin contact that might burn the baby. Alternatively, you can also use the bottle to warm up the bed and leave it there for the baby to hug.

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4. Help ease back pain

If you haven’t suffered from backaches then you must be saying the right prayers. They can be excruciatingly painful. Hot water bottles can help you with this. You should alternate between hot and cold compresses. First, place a hot water bottle on the affected area, it will help to soothe the pain. Then it’s time for a cold pack. You can use a bag of frozen peas or a cloth soaked in cold water.

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5. Helps with stress and anxiety

Had a long day at work, school, or anywhere for that matter? Then going home to your hot water bottle may help you. How? This is in part due to the fact that the heat promotes blood circulation around the body. By doing so it helps you to relax. You can add some essential oils inside or even meditate with it.

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6. Soothe the colon

Colon problems can keep you up all night. They’re super painful, and it’s even more frustrating when you have to keep taking medication to help with this. The good news? You can fix the problem naturally using a hot water bottle.  All that you need to do is putting your warm bottle on your abdominal area while laying in bed and relaxing, this way it will basically help the articulation of the muscles in your colon and the pain will eventually vanish or ease.

7. Ease neck pain

Neck pains can be caused by a variety of things, including injuries, poor posture, and sleeping in a bad position. A hot water bottle can help you with this. Apply cold and heat compresses to it. Cold, applied first, will release neck pain by reducing lactic acid build-up. After the muscles relax, you can apply heat to improve blood circulation.

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