How To Have A Fun Night Out Sober (Top Tips)

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Are you looking for ways to have fun on a night out while sober? Maybe your best friend’s birthday party is coming up, or you have a wedding after-party to attend, and you don’t particularly want to drink? Then keep on reading, because this article is for you! 

In today’s alcohol-crazed society, it can be easy to forget that some people don’t like to drink. In fact, some people have never had an alcoholic drink in their entire lives, and simply don’t want to change their habits.

Essentially, there are lots of reasons for sober living, or occasionally taking breaks from alcohol – and whatever your reason is, it’s perfectly acceptable.

So, here are some top tips on how to have fun night out sober.

Play games on your iPhone or Android

No matter where you go on a night out, whether it’s a house party or busy club, you’re going to have your smartphone with you, right? Of course, you are.

This means that you have the perfect escape tool. When people start to get rowdy or you’re taking a break outside, you can grab your iPhone or Android and play some games. This will make the night more fun and help to distract you from the surrounding alcohol.

Here’s the golden question: what games should you play? Considering you’re having a night on the town, you should stick with the theme by playing online casino games. For example, poker, roulette, and blackjack are all available to play over at, which you can easily access through your smartphone’s web browser.

Hang out with the other sober people

The likelihood is, you won’t be the only sober person at the party, which is great, as it means you have some like-minded people to hang out with (as you probably know, being sober trying to talk to a drunk person can be quite difficult). You can spend the night chatting with other sober people, which will help you to relax and have a more fun time.

Enjoy the music

When you’re drinking, it can be hard to appreciate the sound of the music being played at bars and clubs. Thankfully, when you’re sober, it’s much easier to soak up the atmosphere and truly enjoy the music.

Order your favourite non-alcoholic drinks

Just because you’re not drinking alcohol, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drink anything at all.

You should order whatever you like, whether it’s Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or orange juice.

Also, if you want to ‘blend in’ more, you can always order a non-alcoholic beer or mocktail.

Help those who’ve drunk too much

No matter the occasion, when alcohol is involved, at least one person usually drinks a little too much (even at work events).

As the sober (and responsible) one, you should help them out, whether it’s by ordering an Uber home or escorting them outside for some fresh air.

Take selfies for social media

Nights out are fun and memorable occasions, so you should make the most of them by taking selfies for Instagram. Considering you’ll be sober, you won’t accidentally take any drunken and blurred selfies, so that’s a major positive.

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