6 Hilarious Myths About Waist Beads

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All over the world, women are bullied for almost anything and everything. Wearing waist beads is one of those things that women are constantly bullied about. Do you know the meaning of them? What’s your reason for wearing them? You should only wear things if you’re sure that they symbolize things that resonate with your worldly values… 

Why does everything have to have a deeper meaning? It’s almost impossible for people to conceptualize the idea that a person can choose to wear waist beads simply because they think they look good.

Let’s take a look at the origin of waist beads. They can be traced back to ancient Egyptian times and were then known as “girdles.” Waist beads are single or multiple strands of beads made from various kinds of glass, metal, crystal, bone, and wooden beads that are worn around the waist and stomach.

From time immemorial women have worn waist beads for beauty, body shaping, and as a symbol of femininity, and sensuality.  Regardless of this, here are some common myths about waist beads:

1. They are used to attract men

Like we mentioned earlier, waist beads can enhance a woman’s body shape by defining her waist. Because of this, there is a common myth that waist beads are worn to provoke desire and attract men. The problem with this is that it makes it seem as though everything women do is for men and to make men happy. The beads can indeed be a means of seduction to provoke desire. But it is not true that most women wear waist beads for this reason.

2. They symbolize a woman’s body count

Here’s another hilarious myth – that every string of waist beads symbolizes a woman’s body count. Perhaps this may be true in some cultures, but there is no evidence to prove it. After all, would you go through the trouble of wearing beads just to show your body count? Why wouldn’t you just say it?

3. They only look good on small waists

This is a hilarious myth, that waist beads only look good on smaller waists. The idea that certain clothes/accessories are only for certain body shapes and types, is pure madness. If anything – African waist beads work to create a positive body image, instilling women with confidence and encouraging self-love. The beauty of African waist beads is that women of all ages and sizes can wear them. Therefore, they are available in different styles and sizes.

4. They are for sex workers

It’s the 21st century, and some people still believe that waist beads, which are ornaments, are for sex workers. Regardless of the growing rate of wearing waist beads in the world, some people still believe that women who wear waist beads are prostitutes or lowlifes. It’s like saying people who wear watches are all witchdoctors or people who wear earrings are all journalists. In short, it makes no sense.

5. They can help you lose weight overnight

It’s true that wearing waist beads is a way to monitor your weight. Both traditionally and in modern times, women will wear waist beads to get/keep their bodies intact. It is said that the beads shape your body and keep the waist small and hips accentuated. If the waist beads become tight, it’s an indication that you may have added some weight.

However, waist beads cannot make you lose weight overnight. What they do is make you aware, enabling you to take the required action to make sure your body stays fit.

6. They have a religious meaning

Again, people love labels and associations. The myth that waist beads have a religious meaning is false. Culturally, they do have significance. These beautiful waist adornments do not represent any religious values, but some women wear them as charms, which may not align with some major religious practices. Whatever religion you practice, if any, if you like the way waist beads look, you should definitely go for it!

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