10 Dos And Don’ts Of Sliding In The DMs

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Modern love can start anywhere. On an app, on the train, in a bar, and even your DMs. These days, you’re likely going to find love in either the first or the last option. However, don’t fret. It’s completely okay to find love on an app or in the DM.

Okay, sliding into the DMs can sometimes get a bad reputation. However, it’s all about how you handle the whole approach. If you’re always getting negative feedback, you’ve probably been doing very many wrong things.

Lucky for you, we totally understand what you might be going through. This article is going to highlight some of the dos and don’ts of sliding into the DMs.

DO show a little non-DM interest first

You need to test the waters a bit before you go diving into someone’s DMs. It’s not a good idea to just get inside there out of the blue. That can seem creepy and might even get you blocked. Instead, try to show the person you are into them by commenting on their posts and monitoring their responses. You can also follow them and then wait to see if they accept or follow you back.

DON’T over like their stuff

Yes, you should show some interest before you slide into the DM. However, you’ll come off a tad creepy if you go liking ten or twenty of their pictures from like three years ago. They won’t find this cute. They’ll find this behaviour intrusive. People like being noticed, but they don’t like being stalked.

DON’T get sexual

It’s never a good idea to start the conversation on a sexual note or to send a complete stranger sexual messages. Even though you might be trying to flirt with them, starting with something sexual will most likely turn the other person off. Establish a rapport first before any sexual flirting. Make sure that the person is interested before you start any sexual innuendos. Don’t be that person that grosses out people and gets blocked for inappropriate conversations or sending unsolicited pictures of your genitals.

DO be confident

Take the plunge and send that flirty DM if they show interest. You can’t afford to be shy when it comes to sliding into the DM. You have to own this bold move if you want to experience any kind of success. This means you need to be as confident as you possibly can. You need to bring you’re A-game and keep the conversation alive.

Man checking his DMs. Image from https://thenextweb.com/news/instagram-direct-messages-dms-on-web

DO compliment them

Maybe the person you like is excellent at film photography or knows how to play the guitar like Carlos Santana. Compliment them about this and give their ego that little stroke. Try to keep things as non-physical as possible.

DON’T go after people in relationships 

This should really go without saying, however, avoid going for somebody who’s already taken or in a relationship. If all you want them to know is that you think they are hot, do it. But don’t expect much back. If they show some interest, on the other hand, you can get flirty. Who knows, they might be doing the open relationship thing with their significant other.

DO get to the point 

One of the biggest turn-offs is someone who sends “hi” “hey” messages all the time. Remember the other person has other things to do so make sure you get to the point to avoid wasting their time. Additionally, these kinds of messages are just annoying.

DON’T expect a celebrity to respond 

Just like on the red carpet, trying to romance a celebrity via their DM is way easier said than done. If they’ve got over 500 followers, there’s a high chance you won’t be the first one pulling such a stunt on them. So, just like the many others that have tried, you’re probably not going to get a response.

DO make your intentions clear

After you’ve exchanged a direct message or two with the person you like, it’s acceptable to let them know that you like them. However, make sure to be respectful when doing this. Don’t pressure them.

DON’T be boring

Things don’t always work out the way you think or expect they would. You might slide in and get the opposite of what you’d been hoping for. If the conversation is stale and boring, cut your losses as early as possible. Avoid investing your energy and time in things that aren’t going anywhere.


You’ve probably heard a DM success story or two- yes we have seen the weddings and thriving relationships on social media. That’s why you’re here looking for how you can get some of that for yourself. Sliding into the DM is totally worth that minor risk if you know what you’re doing. Remember to be respectful and don’t be a creep. Hopefully, you can shoot your shot the right way now.

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