The 90s Are Back: Great Retro Fashions That Have Made a Massive Comeback


Fashion is very much like a shark. If it stops for a moment, it dies. There are many tricks and strategies that fashion houses and designers seek to reinvent the wheel. After all, their livelihoods depend on it, and one ploy revolves around reliving the past.

Pretty much all fashion harks back to an earlier incarnation, and some eras are more repeatable than others. Most trends have their feet in one type of nostalgia or another, and currently, the decade that is making a real comeback is the 1990s.

For those who are old enough, and that’s most of us, the 90s don’t seem that long ago, and as such, the retro appeal seems far-fetched. However, if we are honest, we loved the styles of that decade, and as such, any chance to try on the garments and accessories of the time will always be gloriously accepted.

Here is a selection of the top styles and accessories from the 90s that are a big hit in 2021.


Basically, anything in denim. The 90s was full of the stuff, and it’s back with a real bang in 2021. Look to utilize this material in whatever way you see fit. Perhaps that’s via a pair of ripped overalls, or maybe some flared jeans. Denim just oozes 90s retro style, and if you want to pull of a nostalgic look, then the more denim, the better.


A lot of trends that are being hawked around by influencers right now have their roots in comfort. This is probably since we’ve had a tough time of it during the coronavirus pandemic, and we don’t need any excuse to keep things informal. Scrunchies, especially brightly colored ones, are a great way to keep your hair in check. If the style is too laid back, you can always pair the look with a classy gold name necklace, and that way, you’ll look effortlessly cool.

Slip Dress

The slip dress became a staple of the 90s, and was then subverted and altered in its design and usage due to the emergence of grunge, and it’s a look that’s well and truly back in style with universal interest. Wear with a choker for maximum retro effect, and you can add to the casual appeal by wearing a denim jacket on top, which might be a good idea as we move from the summer into the fall.

Platform Chelsea Boots

Chunky heeled boots were massive in the 90s, and it’s a look that has seemingly made a return, especially with the younger market that is apparently mimicking the look their mothers may have been rocking thirty years previously. Great for a night out, especially if you are frequenting an establishment that is rough and ready.

Plaid Shirts

The plaid and flannel look is a nice comfy but effective, one to pursue and another that is closely linked with the grunge and punk feel of the early to mid-90s. A lot of fashion outlets, and even high-end stores are running lines that are either a fresh take on the theme or a full-on homage to the retro style of the period.


Mesh shirts and dresses are also making a return, and depending on the season and the weather in your locality, this could be a brave fashion choice to relive. The likes of Cardi B and more than just one or two of the Kardashian clan have been pushing mesh designs this year, and no doubt this has led to a resurgence of the look. You can go for plain or bright colors here, but make sure it matches the rest of your look.

Crop Tops

While this is definitely more of a summer trend, it’s a 90s throwback that continues to be popular all year round in 2021. These are very much of their time and are great for a night out, weather permitting, and a nice playful item to help compliment your features. Why not match with a denim mini-skirt for maximum 90s style points.

The 90s LBD

While it’s true that the LBD (little black dress) has never gone out of style, in the 90s, it was the epitome of nighttime attire for those looking to catch the eye. All the big designers of the decade, from Marc Jacobs to Hervé Léger, were putting their twist on the timeless item, and once again, its 90s iteration is showing up everywhere.

The Bucket Hat

Of all the trends that have reappeared that were everywhere during the 90s, this one is a trend that we don’t quite get. The bucket hat is, for some reason, back in style, and it’s a look that takes a lot of courage to pull off. Modern-day designers have attempted to breathe life into this old favorite, and that just about makes wearing this accessory acceptable…just about.

Baggy Jeans

Now, of course, ‘mom jeans’ have been a feature and trend that has been circling for some time, but baggy jeans are a slightly different take on the same concept. Baggy and oversized items are very much on point at the moment, and therefore it’s perhaps unsurprising that baggy jeans are part of the 90s revival. Sometimes referred to as ‘wide-legged jeans, baggy jeans are comfortable and can be forgiving on the figure and if worn as part of a nice ensemble can really win the day.

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