3 Interesting Stories About Roulette In 2021


Roulette is among the ancient casino games. The game has its roots in Italy as it is believed that the game was born from the famous old Italian game Biribi. Roulette is a French name that means little wheel. Roulette is played using the roulette wheel which keeps spinning then the roulette ball is spanned in the opposite direction. The spinning ball loses momentum landing on one of the 37,38 or 39 numbers for European roulette, American Roulette and Sands Roulette.

The player whose ball lands on his bet number wins the game. Roulette has to be one of the most thrilling games of all time. Its popularity in online and land-based casinos is also attributed to the simple fact that it is a luck game that is not dependent on any skill or strategy, unlike other casino games like Poker.

New players can therefore enjoy the game as no experience is required to play the game. According to our expert Klara Czerwinska, here are exciting roulette stories of die-hard players who did unique and crazy things on the roulette table.

Mr. Richard Marcus

Previous casino heist stories have been all over social media. So famous are the casino heists such that there are even movies that are developed to illustrate how most casino heists are conducted. One such movie is Ocean’s 11, which focuses on some of the notorious casino cheats. Mr. Richard Marcus is one such example of a notorious roulette cheater, only that his skills of cheating on the roulette table were so good that he was never caught.

His gambling career that was more than 20 years, saw him perfect his notorious cheating experience. Marcus distracted the roulette wheel croupiers by acting crazy and drunk to cheat in the game. In the process of being rowdy, he would successfully remove his betting chips from a bet he projected he would lose. The cheating skill was successful as no one was concerned with losers on the table, but all attention was on the winning chip.

Marcus even nicknamed his cheating technique the Savannah. Marcus made a lot of money from his cheating escapades that he even wrote a book on his savannah move after retirement. Thanks to his book, he is now working as a pro-casino consultant to catch notorious casino cheats like himself. He now focuses on teaching the best roulette strategy ever and showing people they can win without cheating.

Pedro Bartelle

Casino gaming is among the riskiest activities in the whole world. Success, however, comes to those who are willing to risk. One of the roulette big riskers of all time is Pedro Bartelle. Pedro was a Brazilian businessman who had visited the Punta del Este Casino in Paraguay with close friends in 2017. As the friends were playing roulette, the businessman was convinced that even though the payout was 35 to 1, the ball would fall on the number 32.

He placed a bet of a total of $100,000. To many people’s shock, the roulette ball landed right on his bet number 32, which secured him winning $3.5 million. I guess it’s true that the higher the risk, the higher the returns, as Mr. Bartelle chose to risk heavily and received even heavier winnings.

Pedro played at a time when online gaming was gaining momentum. Roulette has also moved online like other casino games such as Bingo. Polish players can access information on online casino games such as Bingo on dedicated sites such as bingo online na pieniądze.

Charles De Ville Wells

Mr. Charles De Ville Wells is one of the biggest roulette winners after he won all the chips on the roulette table, hence breaking the bank. Charles De Ville Wells at one time convinced investors that he had an invention where he could create a musical jumping rope. The investors marveled at the idea and offered him £400. Little did they know that Charles De Ville was eying the French Riviera in Monte Carlo, where he planned to play roulette.

After breaking the bank on the roulette table, Charles De Ville went ahead to play roulette and won an estimated 1 million francs from an 11-hour gambling marathon. So outstanding was his achievement that Charles Coborn released a song after him. After a short while, while gambling at the Casino de-Monte Carlo, Charles lost all his money. He was later arrested for fraud and sentenced to 8 years imprisonment, then later died penniless in 1992.

These are the most historical, interesting roulette stories of all time.

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