5 Foods That Can Be Harmful To Young Children

Junk food. Image from https://parenting.firstcry.com/articles/10-hazardous-effects-of-junk-food-on-children/

Most people want to feed their children tasty foods. It seems pleasing initially for many parents. However, there might be a few exceptions you need to watch out for. Yes, you can feed your baby new foods, but you mustn’t give them things that can harm them.

As a parent, you need to know what’s safe and unsafe. This article is going to highlight some of the foods that can be harmful to your child;


This might sound a bit off, but honey can be very dangerous for children below the age of one, even though it’s generally highly nutritious. It doesn’t matter whether it is highly processed or raw. You shouldn’t feed it to your toddler.

Honey has toxic bacteria within it that can infant botulism. This is an illness that affects children’s underdeveloped immune systems. It can lead to breathing problems and muscle weakness. 8 Benefits Of Honey You Should Know About

Sodas, Fruit Juice and Energy Drinks

It’s advised that children below one-year-old should never be fed commercially made juices or sodas. Older kids can drink these beverages, but parents should limit how much they take. Also, energy drinks and sodas should never be given to kids because of all the brominated vegetable oil that’s used to make them.

This harmful component can cause bromine toxicity, which affects your child’s memory, skin, and nervous system. In addition, both these beverages have high levels of sugar and calories, which don’t provide any minerals or vitamins.

Junk food. Image from https://parenting.firstcry.com/articles/10-hazardous-effects-of-junk-food-on-children/

Processed Meats and Hot Dogs 

Hot dogs, and generally any kind of processed meat, shouldn’t be fed to children. Studies have shown that eating overprocessed meat can lead to colorectal cancer and heart diseases later in life. So you need to limit processed meat consumption so that you can lower the risk of your child suffering from such chronic illnesses. A good alternative is fish-based foodstuffs. Fish is always a better option than red meat, even when it comes to fast food.

Chewing Gum 

This is also bad for kids in very many ways. For starters, gum products usually have high sugar levels and this can cause cavities in your child’s teeth. Even the sugar-free alternatives aren’t that safe. Most contain a component called sorbitol, which can help lead to diarrhoea. However, the most dangerous thing about chewing gum is that your child can accidentally swallow it. This is a choking hazard and can even cause digestive problems.

Potato Chips 

Most kids love potato chips. It’s a salty treat that generally everyone likes. However, it isn’t a healthy snack option. That’s for both you or your child. They are high in salt, calories, and fat. All the things your child should not take because it’s not good for them.

Having too much salt in the diet can lead to many different medical complications, from high blood pressure or hypertension to kidney stones.

It can be hard not to give the child food that you consider tasty. But, just remember you have their best interests at heart when you’re eliminating or reducing some foods in their diet. They may not like it now, but they’ll definitely thank you later. Hopefully, now you know some of the foods you should avoid.

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