The Singlehood Series: When You Find Out That Your Talking Stage Has A Better Looking Best Friend

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Life is about choices. If you snooze your morning alarm, you get late to work and you face the repercussions. If you choose to study medicine, you have to endure a super-intense learning period for years. Almost everything that happens to us is a consequence of a choice that we made.

For Ashley, that consequence had to do with the man she was in a talking stage with. Ashley was the definition of beauty itself. She was intelligent and kind. She was full of energy, and she carried with her almost everywhere, every day. Because of this, a lot of people wanted to be associated with her. She was jovial and people gravitated towards her.

Ashley met Martin at an event one day. He quickly asked her for her number. In his head, he screamed the word Jackpot. In the five minutes which they had spoken, he thought that she was the one for him. It was clear that there was chemistry between them, but there was just one problem…

Ashley didn’t find this guy attractive. Yes, he was funny, calm, and had a ‘protective’ aura, but he just wasn’t her type. Ashley had envisioned her dream man for years, and Martin just wasn’t it.

Despite this, she found herself enjoying his company. For one, he was rich. He treated her to great experiences all the time. Every time she met him for a date, he had a gift waiting for her. Even though she wasn’t physically attracted to him, he was an extremely nice guy, and she was slowly starting to look beyond his looks until something happened.

Martin invited Ashley out to meet his friends. She was a little sceptical about it, but then again it was a time when she desperately needed to go out and have some fun.

He picked her up that afternoon in his Subaru. Then they drove and picked one of his friends before they finally landed at their destination, a fancy restaurant in Westlands.

In his gentleman-like fashion, he pulled the door open for Ashley and she couldn’t help but blush. She just didn’t know what was about to come for her.

Martin and Ashley walked side by side to the restaurant. Martin’s friend walked behind them, as though he understood his role as a third-wheel.

As they started to say hi to the group that had already settled down, Ashley noticed something. It was Josh! The Josh that she had rejected two years back. They had spoken on the phone for weeks, but she thought he was boring. But now, she couldn’t believe it was him. He had matured, wonderfully. He was as handsome as can be, with a clean beard, and he smelt like heaven.

“Hi,” he said. He had become so dreamy. She wondered whether to bring up the fact that she knew him.

As they settled down to their seats, Martin explained that Josh was his best friend. She felt her spirits crashing. Now she confirmed that she could definitely not try and win him back.

Josh kept looking at Ashley. She wondered if he had forgotten her, but no. He stared in a way that made her uncomfortable.

“So, I notice you’ve been staring at me all night, would you like my number?” Josh asked her when Martin stepped away to go to the washrooms.

They exchanged numbers, and Ashley got home faced a dilemma. Would it be wrong of her to text him back?

Eventually, she decided to ghost both of them. The story was already very complicated with the guys being best friends, and she didn’t want to make it worse by calling Martin. Damn, he was fine but she didn’t need best friends fighting over her as a complication in her life. So the best solution was to leave the situation altogether.


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