7 Pregnancy Myths You Should Ignore

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When you’re pregnant, there’s a high chance you’ll come across very many old wives’ tales concerning pregnancy, including some which are very amusing. The society of today still has so many myths about the process of birth and pregnancy even though it’s a process that’s no longer misunderstood. While some pregnancy myths might lead to misunderstanding and confusion about human biology, others are quite fun. With that said, here are some of the myths that you should ignore.

Myth 1: Eating for two

The truth is, you don’t really need to eat for two when you’re pregnant. This is just but a myth. In fact, new evidence proves overeating can lead to child obesity or maternal weight gain. During the first 6 months of pregnancy, your baby will get all they need without you having to add extra calories to your diet. However, you may need to add an extra 200 calories per day in the last trimester.

Myth 2: No Caffeine 

A while back, you’d be advised not to drink coffee when pregnant. However, recent studies show that you can take it in moderate amounts without harming the baby. Pregnant women can safely take a daily max of 200mg of coffee. This is equivalent to around twelve ounces each day.

Myth 3: You can’t workout

Exercise is good for your mental health and your baby’s overall health. If you used to exercise before you got pregnant and are already used to a certain exercise routine/regimen, continue with it once you’ve talked with your doctor or physician first. Just don’t try out new, strenuous activities during this period.

8 Reasons Why You Should Workout When Pregnant

Myth 4: Weird cravings 

As widespread and well-recognized as this school of thought is, it is still just a myth. Not all pregnant females have urgent, weird, and strange cravings. Why? Because cravings are usually triggered by the body’s hormonal changes which affect smell and taste. Also, sharp peaks and dips in the body’s blood sugar levels can lead to one craving sugary foods. With that said, these blood sugar and hormonal variations differ from pregnant person to person.

Myth 5: Morning sickness is only a morning thing

Over 70% of pregnant women experience vomiting and/or nausea during their pregnancy. But, this feeling is not exclusive to the morning hours alone. It can happen at any time because it is a result of the body’s periodic hormonal changes. For most pregnant women, their morning sickness will improve after the first 3 months. Ginger tea and B-6 vitamins are common remedies for this. 8 Natural Ways To Relieve An Upset Stomach

Myth 6: You can prevent stretch marks with serums and creams 

While some cream and serum products can help clear up stretch marks faster, none can completely prevent them from occurring if you’ve got that particular genetic makeup. But, moisturizing the skin can help it recover quickly and ensure it’s in a supple and soft state. Parenting: Nine Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

Myth 7: No sex because you might hurt the baby

Women can still have sex even during pregnancy unless their midwife or doctor advises them against it.  If you are having sex with a man, his penis can’t penetrate beyond your vagina even if it could, the uterus thick muscle wall is there to protect the baby from harm.

Myth 8: It’s safe to drink one or two glasses of wine 

While most of society believes that pregnant women shouldn’t drink at all, there’s a myth that advises the opposite. Rumour has it that it’s okay to drink one or two glasses of wine during pregnancy. Unfortunately, this is false considering women metabolize alcohol differently. There’s no safe alcohol consumption recommendation just yet.

Pregnancy isn’t easy. However, it shouldn’t also be made harder than it needs to be. Some of the myths out there are why so many women are terrified of going through this whole experience. Hopefully, now you know a few of the things you can avoid in order to have a better overall experience.

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