8 Benefits Of Chewing Gum Regularly

Chewing gum. Image from https://www.eatthis.com/news-swallowing-chewing-gum-does-to-your-body-says-science/

A stick of gum can give your mouth that refresher it desperately needs, save one from offending their co-workers with that after-lunch breath and can even make or break that kiss you give to your significant other. Many people like chewing gum. However, while you may already know that it helps keep mouths fresh and it’s good for teeth, there might be a few other health benefits you don’t know about.

Below are a few of them.

Slim your waistline 

University of Liverpool study found that chewing gum can help you create better eating habits by slightly curbing your cravings. On average, the participants in the study that were chewing gum ate around thirty-six fewer calories than the individuals that did not chew gum. This may not sound very impressive, however, cutting all these calories from your daily diet will eventually add up.

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Improves memory

Chewing gum increases the blood flow to the brain. One of the many positive effects of increased blood flow to the brain is that it helps improve memory. Research conducted by Professor Andrew Sholey found that you can improve your short-term memory by 35% when you chew gum.

Can help fight drowsiness 

If staying alert is proving difficult at work, a stick of gum could help alleviate this problem. Some studies have shown that chewing gum can help fight drowsiness. Mint flavoured ones are often the most effective at fighting that midday sleepiness.

Helps eliminate nausea 

Ginger or sugarless mint gums can help soothe your upset stomach, whether it has come from motion sickness or morning sickness. Ginger and mint are well-recognized natural remedies for nausea. If you’re looking for small ways of how you improve your overall health, consider chewing gum after your meals instead of grabbing dessert. You won’t regret it. Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Nausea

Chewing gum. Image from https://www.eatthis.com/news-swallowing-chewing-gum-does-to-your-body-says-science/

Helps ease acid reflux

Acid reflux is when acids from the stomach move up the food pipe and congest the chest while damaging it at the same time. This is what causes that familiar burning sensation you sometimes feel in your chest and throat. Chewing gum helps ease this reflux by neutralizing the acids and clearing up your food pipe. Chewing gum increases your swallow reflex, in turn, clearing up the food pipe.

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Improves digestion 

You can improve your digestion by chewing gum before your meal. How? Well, the action of chewing allows you to produce more saliva which is helpful with digestion. More saliva will mean better swallowing and breaking down of food.

Lowers anxiety and stress 

If you have ever been anxious or nervous before, you’ll notice that you bite your nails or shake your legs for more comfort. Chewing gum when in a stressful state of mind works kind of the same way. It’s a great way to release nervous energy. Many people believe that there’s a calming effect that comes with chewing gum.

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Eases ear blockages 

A lot of people find flying uncomfortable, especially when the pressurized cabins cause pain and irritation, or blocks the whole ear itself. A great way to avoid going through this is by chewing on some gum. Forget about trying to blow the ears clear, chewing will help equalize the ear’s inside air pressure with the outside one.

Most people all across the globe chew gum all the time but don’t know the health benefits that come along with it. You can use it for much more than just warding off bad breath. Hopefully, now you know some of the most common health benefits that come with chewing gum.

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