8 Ways To Get Over Gym Fright

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Whether you’re a high-performance athlete or whether you’re just starting out, at some point, joining a gym can be really frightening. If you’re experiencing some gym fright, don’t fret. It’s a very normal thing.

The gym equipment you find might be completely foreign to you and you may not even know how to work them. When you muster up the confidence to give some of them a go, you suddenly become self-conscious about your bouncing around or excessive panting and sweating.

If you want to get over your gym fright, then you’re right where you need to be. This article is going to highlight some of the ways you can overcome this fear.

Plan your workout beforehand

Plan your goals and what you want to achieve during the workout beforehand. This way, you’ll be able to hold yourself accountable and ensure you complete what you set out to do. Planning will help reduce the chances of you backing out and leaving the gym altogether. Don’t worry if you’re moving slowly, all that matters is that you finish.

Concentrate on the workout

When you’re giving it your all at the gym, you won’t have the time to look around the gym at others and compare yourself to them, nor will you be able to catch them looking at you working hard. Focus on what you’re doing and keep reminding yourself of how well you’re doing.

Communicate with the instructors 

If you’re trying out a new fitness program like SoulCycle, Pilates, or Turbo kick, there’s a high chance you’ll want to stay in the back and avoid being seen or looking at other people while you try to mimic the energy and moves of the ‘professionals’ in the program. After class, stick around and talk to the instructor. Let them know who you are. Most instructors want to answer questions that can help you master certain sequences or improve your overall form.

Woman working out. Image from https://21ninety.com/can-stop-wasting-time-at-the-gym

Research the gym first

Touring the gym first will help you get familiar with the new environment. This will help ensure you aren’t completely clueless when your first workout session comes around. On the gym tour, mentally jot down everything you come across in the facility.

Study where the gym lockers are, where certain equipment is, and anything else that might interest you. Ask how to use certain machines, personal training, and what programs the gym provides its members. The more information you have, the less scared you’ll be when it’s time to go for your first workout.

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Bring a fitness member or friend

If you feel like the gym fright is too overwhelming, invite a friend or fitness mentor to come exercise with you. Not only will you feel a bit more relaxed when you’ve got someone you trust around, but you’ll also be able to have more fun as well.

Remember you’re not alone

You’re not the only one in the gym feeling this way or who’s self-conscious about themselves. Gym fright isn’t exclusive to you. There’s a high chance that many other people in the gym are going the same thing you are. You’ll be way more comfortable once you realize this.

Workout during off-peak hours 

Find out when the facility is generally the busiest. The front desk can assist you with this information. Knowing this will help you determine which times will suit you best. Working out when the gym isn’t too busy means you can avoid most of the hardcore gym junkies.

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Be confident

Lastly, believe in yourself! You’re competing against yourself. You won’t get anywhere in the gym if you’re constantly competing with everyone else in the facility. Even if you feel all eyes are on you, convinces yourself it’s because they’re in awe of your dedication and motivation. Remember, everyone started out where you are, so don’t be insecure.


Going to the gym for the first time can prove daunting for some. It feels like everyone is judging you on what you don’t know. The truth is, everyone there is focused on what they need to get done they don’t have time to look at what you’re doing. With that said, hopefully, this article will help you get over your gym fright.

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