Fashion: 7 Hacks For Wearing Backless Dresses

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Backless dresses have a unique element that you don’t easily get. They ooze the word elegance and sophistication. But styling them can be quite a task. Because for you to put together a backless dress and pull it off perfectly, you must pay attention to the slightest detail

Here are 7 hacks for backless dresses.

1. Find the right type of bra

Depending on the size and shape of your boobs, then you may need a bra. If you don’t, then more power to you! But for those who do, then make sure you wear a seamless bra that is concealed beneath the dress.

There are many bras you can consider, including a longline bra that has a low back, or a clear-back bra. If you can’t find any backless bras you like, or if comfort is a top priority, consider choosing a bra that’s so pretty, it looks intentional underneath an open-back outfit.

Fashion: 8 Type Of Bras To Wear With Backless Dresses

2. Consider using boob tape

If you really want perky boobs, then you can consider boob tape. The best thing about it is that it is affordable and can last you a while. You can find boob tape that costs as little as 500 shillings. This will help your breasts to sit in place while at the same time remaining concealed.

3. Sew the cups of a padded bra on the dress

Another way of wearing backless dresses is to sew the bra itself onto the dress. That way, you can wear your dress comfortably and have your breasts sitting in place. Make sure that the bra matches the colour of the dress, otherwise it may be seen through the dress. Sewing the bra on is a cheap, easy, and comfortable way to wear your backless dress.

4. Use a silicon pad

You can also choose to wear a silicon pad or an adhesive silicone bra. These work perfectly, are invisible and do the job just right. There is, however, a downside. It is not advisable to wear an adhesive silicone bra for more than eight hours as it can lead to skin irritation and rashes as the product is glued to your skin.

5. Have an upright proper posture

A proper posture and a backless dress are the perfect recipes for elegance. Make sure to sit upright and walk with your head held high. Be confident, because you definitely look good in a backless dress. How do I know this? Everybody looks good in a backless dress. You just have to act like it.

6. Wear minimal jewellery

Backless dresses are what some call daring, and that, to me, is not always a bad thing. To draw more attention to your backless dress, wear minimal jewellery. Big, flashy, shiny jewellery will take away the pizzazz from your outfit. If you must, wear laid-back jewellery with soft monochromatic hues.

7. Pin up your hair

It makes little sense to wear a backless dress and then have your hair cover it. How do you deal with this? Tie your hair using a hairband or scrunchie. Alternatively, you can also pin it up so that the back of the dress is exposed in an elegant manner. As I said, everyone looks good in a backless dress. You just have to act like you do.

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