Top Tricks To Pick The Best Hair Color


Styling your hair right is one goal that might need some effort and investment. While naturally, gorgeous hair is a gift, even average hair can be prepped up to look fabulous. Having the right style, cut, and color helps you look vibrant and adds to your overall confidence. Naturally, all of this adds an edgier dimension to your personality. Be it at work or for play—flaunting the right hairstyle and perfect color makes you stand out in a crowd.

While human hair headband wigs help you manage a bad hair day or a hairstyle that backfired, coloring your hair needs careful considerations and some planning. Look at how picking the right hair color depends on much more than your quirks and mood.

Why do you want to color?

Make sure you have a goal that inspires you to color your hair. Just because you have seen a colleague or cousin color their hair, doesn’t mean that you too need to dye those locks. Set a hair color goal at the outset. Ask yourself if you want to make the hair look lighter or darker. Decide if you want to add a fresh look that suits your work profile better. You might even want to let that hair down and have some fun with a fresh pop of color. The world is your oyster—and you best know why and what to do with your hair in terms of getting it colored!

Suit yourself with the right color

While the shade cards and Pinterest images are good guides to help you pick the right hair color, you need to think practically. Everything that looks good on someone else or on a picture perfect card, may not suit you. Consider if you can see yourself with a specific hair color for a few weeks or months to come. Pick something interesting and in line with your overall style.

Ditch the Trends

Never fall into the trends trap. While trends are attractive, they are not always suitable for you. Simply copying a trend will make your hair look out of place. You might want to take some inspiration from a trend but talk to your stylist on how to make it your own. A professional will give you unbiased advice and along with extensive expertise that you might lack!

Tales of the Eyes and Skin Tone

The tip to pick the right hair color based on the color of your eyes is done and dusted. Nevertheless, it is relevant but not to a great extent. Consider the shade of your eyes and choose a color to make them look brighter. Any color on the hair that tends to make your eyes or skin tone paler is a simple no. You must go for colors that compliment your eye color and skin tone. Warm skin tones work better with light hair hues and vice versa. If you are one of the lucky few who look good in both gold and silver jewelry, then any hair color would suit your tresses.


Now that you are armed with the right tips to pick the right hair color for yourself, you simply need to make that salon appointment which you have been delaying for so long. Loosen those strands and get going with the color to transform your look! Once done, make sure you take the right after-care steps to pamper your hair and let it down to have the most fun.

Tips On How To Prepare Your Hair For Colouring

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