The Complete Guide To Betting For Beginners In 2021


In the last decade, betting has shown tremendous progress in its development. The sports betting industry has almost doubled its audience, largely driven by the emergence of quality online betting platforms. Now you can place a sports bet while traveling by public transport or during your lunch break, and the money can be withdrawn directly to your card or e-wallet.

At the same time, new betters need to treat sports betting correctly to make money on the victories of their favorite team, and not mindlessly lose their deposit. A bet is an agreement between a bookmaker and a bettor. The first offers certain conditions on how a sports match can end, and the player can choose the most probable among the outcomes and set the size of the bet on his own. The options for modern sports betting can be very different:

  • Ordinary. This bet format assumes the choice of only one outcome. For this reason, the coupon odds will match the odds set for the event. To get a single win, it will be enough for the selected event to occur during the match.
  • Express. Several events are used to generate a coupon. The multiplier for the express bet will be equal to the product of all events. For such a bet to work, it is necessary to achieve the fulfillment of all events added to the coupon.
  • System. The bet consists of several events. The difference between the system and the express train is that in the first one it is not necessary to complete all the events. For example, if you bet 4 out of 5, it is enough for 4 events to play.

Direct bets can also have a different format. Many beginners choose the main outcomes for betting. It can be a victory of the first team, a victory of the second team, or a draw if provided for by the rules. An alternative option can be a handicap or total bet. Parimatch guide on over/under betting guide will help you to understand all the nuances of such sports betting.

What should you remember when betting on sports?

One of the most important points for a player is bankroll control. The better should only bet on money that he can lose painlessly for his budget. The likelihood of losing remains even if a detailed pre-match analysis is carried out. For this reason, you need to set your limit on the maximum rate per day and not exceed it under any circumstances.

The player must decide on the sport on which he will bet. An attempt to cover several disciplines at once will not lead to a positive result, since it will be difficult for a bettor to analyze statistics. You should not place bets in a bad mood, as this may affect the decision-making. The bettor should not have favourites in the chosen championship. If he is rooting for a certain team, then the decision on the bet should be made without taking into account personal preferences, since otherwise there is always the risk of an emotional bet.

The site on which the player makes bets should be user-friendly. For this reason, it is best to study the reviews of several bookmakers before registering. Particular attention should be paid to quotes. If the number of outcomes for matches at top bookmakers is almost always the same, then the size of the odds can vary significantly. There is only one rule here – the higher the quotes, the higher the earnings on the rates.

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