5 Fashion Staples You Need This Winter


It can be somewhat challenging to look stylish in winter while also being warm enough; winter is definitely fashion’s least favored season. Even so, fashion finds a way, and every year we see new and exciting winter trends emerging.

That said, if you prefer fashions that are a bit more sophisticated and timeless, then we’ve listed five winter fashion essentials you should invest in this year. These fashion staples are likely to hang around for quite a while, so spending on quality should be a priority.

Chunky Knit Turtlenecks

Chunky knits will probably be in fashion for quite a while, as they are the perfect winter piece to keep you warm. That said, turtleneck and loose-fitting or boxy cuts are trending this year. You can find tons of fashionable knitwear in trending Irish outfits.

When it comes to shopping around for essential knitwear this winter, you should also look for colorful and bold options; clashing colors and color therapy are currently trending.

The Trench Coat

The trench coat has definitely become an iconic fashion piece, as it’s been around ever since anyone can remember. These coats are perfect for winter as they provide ideal warmth and coverage. But more than that, they’re also exceptionally stylish.

There are tons of ways to wear a trench coat, too, from pairing with an evening dress, comfortable boyfriend jeans, and a plain tank, or even with a track set as a leisurewear outfit. So, the versatility of this 2021 fashion staple definitely makes it a worthwhile wardrobe investment.

Your All-Purpose Hoody

Everyone needs to have an all-purpose hoody in their wardrobe. These are perfect all year round, and most of us have a particular favorite, even if we have tons of hoodies.

Although, if you don’t have one yet, you should consider plain colors in quality fabric. Because a hoody really is a great investment that will last you years, as they’re bound to stay in fashion forever, splurging a bit on a comfortable hoody is often worthwhile.

Matching Track Sets

Geometric print matching track sets are all the rage right now. As leisurewear is on the rise, this could mostly be the result of rolling lockdowns and seemingly endless isolation at home. Regardless, comfortable track sets are ideally comfortable, and they can also be exceptionally trendy.

While your track sets for home wear can be plain and bland, you can wear a pattern, print, or textured matching track set for a social evening out. Kylie Jenner is among many fashion icons to be seen flaunting these track sets and providing an endless stream of outfit and accessory ideas along the way.

The Leather Jacket

While the classic biker jacket has remained pretty iconic and timeless, this year, the blazer-style leather jacket is making waves. Although you can still pull together outfits with your biker jacket, a leather blazer does give a more sophisticated look.

But when it comes to pulling together outfits with a leather biker jacket, the options are just about endless as these can be worn with just about anything, from ripped jeans to a formal bodycon dress or even a playful sundress.

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