The Singlehood Series: My Friend Went Back To Dating The Guy That Gave Her An STD

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One thing that will humble you in this life is a toxic relationship. You spend your life believing that it could never be you until it becomes you. One day you come across a partner that drives you crazy in all ways, and you can’t help but stay.

Stella fell prey to a toxic man. Like many people, he was testimony to the reality that all that glitters is not gold. He was extremely good-looking, at least to her. His personality and aura were infectious. Her friends loved him. He was friendly and if you hang out with him you were guaranteed to have a good time.

Like many relationships, their first few months were perfect. He did everything that he was supposed to and showed up for her in ways you couldn’t imagine. All of Stella’s friends marvelled at what a perfect man she had found in him. It looked perfect on the outside.

One day, Stella was at his house by herself. She had done that many times. He would leave her at his house and go off running errands for hours. This one time, Stella had been unwell and taken leave from work. For some reason, on this particular day, she was drawn to his laptop. She opened it and found that his Instagram account was opened and on the first tab.

Stella tried convincing herself not to snoop around. It was a policy of hers not to do sneaky things, and she firmly believed that whatever you go searching for you will find. But somehow this day was different.

As she scrolled through his DM’s, she found different flirty texts with different girls. Some were asking when they could visit, others literally begging to see him soon. The funny thing was that at no point did he tell the girls that he was in a relationship. He entertained each and every one of them. But one particular text struck Stella.

One of the girls had solidified a plan with him. She would visit him, and they would have sex. Shortly after, the trail of messages was cut short and then the next thing, she was thanking him for a good night. But that wasn’t all. Stella’s boyfriend was complaining to her of how he had developed a rash in his pubic area shortly after their encounter.

When her boyfriend got back home, Stella pushed the laptop towards his face to confront him. She picked her bags and dashed out of the door as though she was being chased. He didn’t bother to follow her. He looked at the screen and read between the lines, literally and figuratively.

“I went to the hospital two weeks ago. I was diagnosed with an STD. I’ve been on medication all this time, and now I’m convinced that it’s that monster who gave it to me,” Stella said, opening up to a bunch of friends, me included.

We hugged and embraced our friend. Men will truly give you character development. But deep down, we were angry. Fuming, in fact, at the thought that someone could do that to our friend.

Two weeks later, we agreed to meet up at the club to take our minds off things. Stella was late, but that wasn’t unusual for her. She was a typical African timer.

We had been waiting for her for hours, when finally, one of us pointed at the entrance. It was her boyfriend or ex. We weren’t sure anymore.

Stella ran towards us and hugged us.

“I’m so sorry I’m late, guys,” she said. He was trailing right behind her. That monster.

He smiled at us and I could feel my friends fake smiling at him.

“Yeah, we worked things out. We’re back together. You can get through anything, guys,” Stella said without being asked.

We watched, in an unimpressed way as the two of them danced and hugged one another in the club. We couldn’t help but worry for our dear friend, but then again what could we do?

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