Relationships Are Overrated. Learn To Enjoy Your Single Life

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If you are to do a survey of the most discussed and enjoyed topics around the world, I can guarantee you that somewhere at the top of that list, you will find topics to do with love, romance, and relationships. Radio shows, Youtube channels, and other forms of media that get the most traction are those that discuss related topics.

Now, I’m not here to put anyone down for the amazing creative work that they put out there. But, in my view, relationships have been placed on such a high pedestal, that those who ‘achieve’ it are said to be goals. Those who don’t spend their time romanticizing them and wondering how to one day achieve it. In itself, there is nothing wrong with this. Your heart wants what it wants, right?

What I dispute, however, is the constant emphasis and obsession with being in a relationship. We have made it look as though relationships are synonymous with happiness, and again, I can guarantee you that this is not always the case. You will be very disappointed if you believe that you need another human being to ‘complete you’ or make you whole. You can be that, for yourself.

In a conversation I had recently with a friend, he says that friends are seasonal. The only person, according to him, who can be there for you 100% is a romantic partner. I am in disagreement with this, 100%. First, I believe that you can find friends who make you completely happy. You don’t need a romantic partner for that. Secondly, you should not be dependent on anyone to achieve happiness. You can achieve happiness by yourself.

Is this to say that you can be completely independent of people? Not at all. The nature of this world requires interdependence, in every sense. You need people. That is indisputable. But this dependence does not always have to entail love and romance. There are so many conversations that need to be had – financial literacy, the state of the world, history, the pandemic, or if you want something lighter, books, and podcasts. There is a lot that we can learn outside of romance and love-related topics.

The problem with romanticizing love is that it can easily make you lower your standards in pursuit of ‘happiness.’ Love’s purity has been polluted. We’ve commercialized the most powerful emotion in the world and branded it through over-romanticizing and idealization. We have bastardized love beyond recognition leading to terrible relationships.

Being on your own is a beautiful thing if you ask me. Solitude is a great gift to give yourself. You get to explore different aspects of yourself, your likes, and your dislikes. You discover new things that, perhaps, you would have been too blinded to notice if you were in a relationship.

Love is a beautiful thing. Let it come to you, naturally. Don’t spend your time trying to find love in hopes that this is the magical answer to all your problems. Life is beautiful, and you are complete with or without a romantic partner. You are a whole human being. The probability of you being born was roughly 1 in 400 trillion. In short, you are a miracle. You don’t need any human being to complete you.

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