7 Safety Precautions To Take When Clubbing

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Going to the club is a fun experience. For a few hours, you almost forget all your problems and just enjoy the music and drinks. While clubbing may be an opportunity to socialise and meet new people, you also have to be cautious. You might make some new legitimate friends, but you can never be able to tell which ones are legitimate at the first interaction.

A lot of bad things happen in the club. People are robbed, drugged, and even shot dead. For this reason, you have to take care of yourself. Here are 7 safety precautions that you can take when clubbing.

 1. Listen to your intuition

A lot of times when bad things happen, we look back and say, “I had a distasteful feeling about it.” You need to learn to listen to your intuition. If something tells you that someone may be a con, listen to yourself. If a situation feels wrong, go home. Any person in your group can signal concern or alarm and that should not be dismissed without a rational discussion.

2. Know that there is safety in numbers

It’s harder for a thief to approach a bunch of people and actually follow through with their plan. There is safety in numbers. Accompany one another to the washrooms and look out for each other. Make sure that you know where your friends are at all times. By remaining close to the people you trust and know well, you’ll reduce the risk of being targeted by people who are up to no good and could be out to take advantage.

3. Keep an eye on your drink

There have been circumstances where people’s drinks are spiked with drugs. These drugs can make you pass out and lead to instances such as rape. Keep an eye on your drink at all times. Don’t leave it on the table unattended. If you’re going to the dance floor, go with it. Having your drink spiked, perhaps whilst you momentarily turn your back, will ruin your night and maybe your life.

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4. Know how you’re getting home

Don’t go out at night if you don’t know how you’re getting home. Have your money together for calling a cab back home. If possible, schedule your Uber to pick you up at a certain time. Don’t leave it up to maybe’s, especially if your location is out of the way. Never accept rides from strangers, no matter how elementary that sounds, and never give rides to strangers. People wear a lot of faces at night, and you could only be reading one of them.

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5. Do not accept open drinks

You go over to the bar and order a drink, and the bartender hands you over a drink that is already open. Refuse it! If someone wants to buy you a drink, let them buy it from the bar, and watch the bartender open it for you. Club drugs such as GHB are easy to drop into drinks and are colourless, odourless, and tasteless so you won’t even realize you’ve been slipped something until it hits you. Drink out of bottles if possible, or hold your drink in front of you.

6. Keep your valuables hidden

Don’t go around advertising that you have the latest smartphone in the market, because someone may be tempted to snatch it. If you have car keys, keep them safely in an inner zip. People will often have valuables stolen on a night out and if you’re drunk, you are an easier target. Ideally, leave valuables such as jewellery at home, but if you must take them out with you then keep them safely hidden. If you know you are the type to get drunk and careless please hand your phone and valuables to a friend you can trust for safekeeping.

7. Stay in well-lit areas

It’s easier to get robbed when you’re in a dark area. People will not easily spot you, and that’s when the thieves take advantage. To avoid this, stay in well-lit areas. People are less likely to commit crimes if there is good lighting, CCTV, and people around to see what is happening. Always plan a route home and make sure you stick to places you know. Never take shortcuts, especially down dark allies, by canals, or through unlit parks.

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