6 Trendy Haircuts For Men

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I am a firm believer that when you look good, you feel better about yourself, and so this is a reminder to invest in looking good in every way possible. Just like it is with women, a new haircut can make men look and feel brand new. It’s like a different, yet wonderful personality is awoken every time you visit a barber and leave feeling satisfied with your new haircut. You should, therefore, find new ways of styling your hair that are easy to maintain and last a while.

Here are 5 trendy haircuts for men.

1. High top fade

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The high top fade is a classic look. It works best for those with long and thick hair, preferably natural. While this haircut may be high maintenance, it is worth it. You will probably need to moisturise and comb your hair often, but the results make it worth your while. You also need to find a barber who pays attention to detail so that your fade comes out neat and intact.

2. Afro fade

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Closely related to the high top fade is the Afro fade. With this hairstyle, the hair fills a larger part of the head. It looks good on nearly all hair textures, from type 1A to type 4C. Important to note is that the hairstyle is not for those looking for something low-maintenance. You can, however, make it more manageable with the right products, including leave-in conditioner and hair foam.

3. Short part with fade

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If you’re looking for a short haircut, while still maintaining the style, then this is the one for you. The short part with fade is bound to last you a long time before your next visit to the barber. This makes it affordable and efficient. It is also a very neat haircut and is suitable for nearly all occasions. There are literally no cons to having a short part with fade.

4. The wave with fade

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The wave is a hairstyle that has recently gained popularity and for all the right reasons. This hairstyle works best for slightly longer hair in order to achieve a seamless look. With the wave, you may need to invest in hair products such as gel and a wave brush to hold the hair curves together. It’s a high maintenance hairstyle, but totally worth the hype.

5. The buzz cut

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The Buzz cut is another classic hairstyle that you should definitely go for. It is neat, low maintenance, and durable. It’s best done on short hair and therefore it may take a while before you need to redo it. This hairstyle is for those who don’t like to take too much time working on their hair on a daily basis.

6. Fade with twist-outs

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If you are looking for some little experimenting, then this is definitely the hairstyle you should go for. All you need to do is grow out the centre of your head to a point where you can plait twist-outs, then visit a barber for a proper fade haircut on the sides of your head. It’s a chic, edgy look that every man who has long hair should try at least once in their life.

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