5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Moving Out

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Moving out sounds like a rosy experience of sweet solitude and freedom. You practically get the chance to do what you want and when you want to. When you live by yourself, you don’t have to socialise when you don’t want to. Additionally, you can create the mood and energy that you want in your space without interference. That has got to be a great thing for your mental health.

What they don’t often tell you is that there is a dark side to it. Of course, you can easily set practises that deal with this, but it’s great to know about it before deciding to pack your bags.

Here are 5 things they don’t tell you about moving out of your parents house.

1. It is expensive

When you have lived under the care of a parent/guardian all your life, it’s hard to conceptualise just how hard it is to make ends meet. When you move into your house, you will need to invest in one-time purchases like furniture and recurring expenses like bills. It’s extremely expensive. Your budgeting will definitely be tighter than it was before, and because of this, you may need to adjust your life for it.

2. It gets lonely

Human beings are interdependent. We need one another, and it’s important to know this. When you move out from home, life may sometimes get lonely. There’s no one across the corridor to talk to whenever you please, and it can be extremely quiet. How do you deal with this? Fill in your time. Develop a new hobby – read, write, learn a new skill. Find ways to entertain yourself until you start to love it.

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3. You may regret it

There have been so many stories about people who move out and regret it, then they end up moving back home. Just like with many other life choices, you may regret your decision to move out from home. Be patient with yourself and when you can’t take it anymore, do not be ashamed to move back home. Then, when the time is right, you can move out once again.

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4. You need to be extremely disciplined

When you live alone, there’s no one to tell you to make your bed every morning or to wash the dishes. There’s no one to tell you not to eat too much junk food. You must keep yourself accountable for your actions. Set rules in place for yourself and follow them to the latter. You can form good habits. It’s all in the mind and once you put your mind to doing it, nothing and no one can stop you.

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5. You may become antisocial

When you spend too much time by yourself, you can start becoming addicted to it. Truth be told, there’s less/no drama when you are alone. A study suggests that prolonged loneliness can transform the brain to make you antisocial. Prolonged loneliness can affect transform the brain in a way that makes those who suffer it less able to relate to others. How do you deal with this? Watch yourself and push yourself to interact with people, even when you really do not want to.

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