8 Tips On How To Decorate Your Man Cave

Stylish man cave. Image from http://blog.sanus.com/ultimate-man-cave-ideas-5-tips-for-upgrading-your-space

A man cave can save marriages and make for happier family lives. This is why a man cave can be a very important part of any home renovation project. You need to have an idea of what you want to do with the space if you want something you’ll be proud of.

Here are a few tips on how you can decorate your man cave.

Define Your Theme 

The best place to start is by defining a theme. You really don’t need help with this. You can do it by yourself at home. Start by thinking about how you want your man cave to serve you. Do this before your even start thinking about your space’s overall design. There are numerous themes you can choose from. What will help you determine what’ll best suit you is your preferences and taste.

Choosing the Right Furniture 

You are going to need some nice furniture to act as your focal point. The focal point is where the eyes will look once they enter the room. If your man cave has a sports theme, then the focal point should be the 50-inch 4K screen or your LED football table. If your man cave is more rustic in nature you might want to have a rustic chandelier hanging over a pool table or a solid mahogany coffee table.

Decide on the Wall Décor

Think about how you’d like your walls to look like, what posters and wall art will help make the cave pop to your liking. You can even add that extra personal touch by adding memorabilia to the walls. Putting up framed sports shirts or your favourite posters and pictures can help make the man cave feel a bit bespoke like it’s one of one.

Stylish man cave. Image from http://blog.sanus.com/ultimate-man-cave-ideas-5-tips-for-upgrading-your-space

Choose the Right Gadgets 

It usually doesn’t take much to make men happy. For starters, men love being around technology. You need to know the kind of gadgets and technology that’ll help make your man cave better. However, you should also pick stuff that’ll help make the whole space look better.

The Bar

Is a man cave complete without a bar? Most people believe this goes hand-in-hand. There are men out there who install bars in their sheds and garages leave alone the man cave. Some men like to drink, and if you’re one of those men then you need to think about the bar setup you’d like. Do you have enough space to go all out or can you just afford to do something small and compact?

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Seating Arrangements 

You can end up creating unused space dead zones if you place your seats right in the middle of the man cave. When possible, try and place your seats against the walls. Open space seating is often the best option for man cave setups.

Have a Humidor

If you like cigars, consider using a humidor to keep them in pristine condition for long periods. If cigars aren’t for you and your buddies, consider installing a refrigeration unit or luxury display case for the after-food activities you like.

Using Ceiling Lights 

There are many ways to light a man cave. Your best bet would be to stick with bar-style pendants and ceiling lights as primary lighting sources. Use LED bulbs and strings as accent lights. 

Being able to express your identity and decorate the space in your own way is important. Hopefully, now you know what you need to do to get the man cave you really wanted.

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