Lifestyle: 8 Health Benefits Of Okra

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Did you know that okra is actually classified as a fruit? Yes, it’s not a vegetable like most people tend to think. Also commonly known as a “lady’s finger”, okra comes in colours – green and red. There’s no difference in taste between the two, though. It’s a very popular ingredient in South Asian, West African, and South American cuisine. However, on the global stage, it isn’t that common. Some people find okra’s slimy texture unappealing. That being said, it’s still loaded with healthy nutrients.

Here are some of the common benefits of okra.

Improves Digestion

Because okra is so rich in dietary fibre and has high water content, it has the capability of helping prevent constipation. This is a well-known fact about this fruit. Okra can help regulate your bowel movements.

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Controlling Diabetes 

The fibre in this fruit is soluble. Why is this important? Because soluble fibres are known to reduce or regulate the level of glucose absorption which, in turn, helps reduce the body’s blood sugar levels.

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Asthma Alleviation 

Okra is loaded with Vitamin C, and Vitamin C can help control asthma. If you want to get the best results when it comes to treating asthma with okra, you need to eat the fruit every day.

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Lowers Risk of Heart Disease 

High cholesterol levels can cause heart disease. Okra’s soluble fibres bind with cholesterol that comes from the other foods you eat and then excretes this cholesterol as waste so that that the body doesn’t absorb it. This is how it helps prevent heart disease.

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Encourages Health Pregnancy

Pregnant women should consider okra a super fruit during this time in their lives. It has a balanced blend of healthy minerals and vitamins. It’s a good folic acid supplement as well. Okra’s fibre content helps reduce constipation during pregnancy.

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Helps Boost Immunity 

Okra’s antioxidant properties like minerals and Vitamin C boost the body’s immune system and act against free radicals. This fruit is filled with many different antioxidants that can help benefit one’s health. Antioxidants keep the damage caused by free radicals at bay. One of the main antioxidants found in the fruit is polyphenols.

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Acts as a Beauty Agent

Okra is a very special fruit. Not only does regulate the inside of the body but can also help beautify the outside. Vitamin C contained in the fruit can help keep your skin both bright, young, and vibrant. The slimy substance underneath the outer layer can prevent skin pigmentation as well. You can also use the mucilage, which you extract through boiling, to help make your hair shine.

Anticancer Properties 

Okra contains a protein called lectin. This protein can help prevent the growth of cancer cells. A recent study showed that okra can help prevent the growth of cancer cells by around 63%. However, the tests mentioned above were conducted in test tubes and the researchers sued extracted and concentrated okra components.

Okra is a super fruit that has many different health benefits, Not only is it rich in vitamin C but it is also loaded with antioxidants, fibre, folate, and magnesium. If you’re pregnant or you want to control your blood sugar naturally, then okra is for you. Now you know why you should consider adding this to your diet.

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