Her Husband Was The Perfect Man, Perfect But Boring. An Affair Lead to Complications And Unveiled Hidden Secrets

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Sheila thought that she had found the perfect man, only to realise that the only thing she found was trouble. Her husband did everything for her. He bought he everything she wanted, no matter how expensive it seemed. He cooked for her and bought her favourite flowers – lilies and carnations. He event sent her random lovely messages while she was at work which left her blushing uncontrollably. Sheila thought that everything about him was perfect until life proved her wrong.

You see, it took a lot for Sheila to settle down with her husband Swach. She was never the type to settle down with a man. That simply wasn’t her lifestyle. She was used to being single and she loved playing around with different men. Her reservations with a relationship were that she didn’t want to be answerable to anyone about the things that she did. Sheila never imagined that she would one day get married until Swach came along and swept her off her feet.

Swach proposed to Sheila a year after they met and since she was madly in love, she said yes. He lived up to almost all her expectations and made her believe in true love.

Seven months later, however, Sheila started feeling the urge to be single again. She missed her old life. It had been almost two years of being loyal, something she wasn’t used to. She felt as though she was in rehab, and that her marriage was boring.

One weekend, she bumped into an old friend, Oliver. He was married and with kids. Casually, they exchanged contacts and started talking again. There was a gap that he filled which she couldn’t seem to get from her husband Swach.

“Why don’t we meet up for drinks? I’m tired of texting you, I need to see your beautiful face,” Oliver told her, and she couldn’t help but accept.

They met for cocktails at a fancy restaurant and had a good time, too good in fact. One thing led to another and they had sex at his house. His wife was away on holiday.

Four weeks later, the worst happened. While she had been trying to act like nothing had happened, Sheila missed her period. Initially, she assumed that they were just late. Then after a few days had passed she became worried and decided to take a pregnancy test.

She was right! Sheila was pregnant, and she wasn’t sure who the father of the child was. She could easily have pinned it on her husband, but there was one problem. Swach and Sheila were both dark-skinned, and Oliver was dark-skinned. If the baby was light-skinned, everyone, including her husband would start asking questions. After weighing her options she decided to abort the child.

Around the same time, Sheila was having an itchy vagina and she decided to consult her gynaecologist about it before proceeding with the abortion.

The doctor ran tests and eventually broke the news to her. Sheila had HIV, and the discharges were due to the virus.

“Are you sure? That can’t be. Those are not my results!” She said in disbelief.

When she calmed down, the doctor hit her with some more shocking news.

“The virus has been in your body for a while. It can take up to three months for it to be detected.”

Sheila sat down in disbelief. She didn’t know what to say or do. She had no energy to cry, let alone speak. At first, she thought that it was Oliver who infected her. She regretted sleeping with him. She thought that if she had remained loyal to her husband, this would never have happened. It was, to her, the highest form of character development.

Then, suddenly, the maths started adding up, and she realised she was wrong. She had not slept with anyone else in two years, and she met Oliver just a month before then. This confirmed her worst fears. Her loving husband of two years had given her everything, including HIV.

Sheila did not know what to do or where to go. Her first instinct was to laugh at how much she had been played. Perhaps she should just have remained single, and maybe this would never have happened to her. But it was too late for could haves and should-haves. She needed to consider her options about what to do about the baby, and that was her priority.

This story was inspired by a true story on Kenyan Dictionary’s Instagram page.

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