Skincare: 6 Mistakes To Avoid When Treating Acne

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Acne is a common thing that affects very many people, especially teenagers. If you have it, you’re probably going to look for acne treatments that can help sort you out. However, if you want your acne treatment to work, you have to use them correctly. If you’re treating acne, you might start to get better results if you stop doing some of these things.

Forgetting to use your meds

If you want to clear up your acne, you must use your treatments consistently and not when it’s convenient to you. You have to use them daily. Avoid missing doses or skipping days. If you find it hard remembering when to use them, try setting a specific time of the day so that you don’t forget. Make it part of your daily routine.

Popping your spots and scars

Picking and popping the spots only makes the acne and inflammation worse. It’ll leave some very hideous spots on your face. Avoid this at all costs if you’re trying to get rid of your acne. When the heads turn white, don’t try to pop or squeeze them. Practice some resilience. This is one of the most common skincare mistakes most people make when treating acne. How To Take Care Of Acne Prone Skin

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Being excessive with the medications

Everyone usually wants to clear up their acne as fast as possible. Because they want to get rid of this situation quickly, some of them will resort to applying their treatments several times a day when you only need to do it once a day. After all, it’s just topical treatments so won’t more be better, right? Don’t be surprised if this thinking doesn’t help clear up your acne faster. Applying more than the recommended amount can cause excessive irritation, peeling, redness, and dryness. 5 Natural Remedies For Pregnancy Acne

Not choosing exfoliants carefully

By now you should know your skin type. Microbeads-enriched exfoliant products are often the best bet when it comes to treating acne. Don’t over-wash or scrub your face during treatment. Try as much as possible to always apply sunscreen when stepping out. If you like using make-up, avoid sleeping with it on. Use make-up suitable for your skin type, and don’t use as little as you can. 5 Benefits Of Chemical Exfoliation Over Physical Exfoliation

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Looking for ‘quick fixes’

If only your acne would clear up overnight, right? Many people think this to themselves at least once during this period. More buy into some ads promising to clear up their acne in just a couple of days. There’s a high chance these products will end up disappointing you. Instead of going for the over-advertised “wonder” cure, just go for the tried and tested treatments. Some are even over-the-counter medications.

Stopping the treatment as soon as your skin is clear

Now that your skin is clear, does that mean you stop using your acne treatments? The answer is no. Acne treatments aren’t a cure. All they really do is help keep the breakouts at bay. You might be able to reduce how much you’re using your medication, but your pimples are sure to return if you stop the treatment completely.


Acne can be irritating. No one likes having to deal with this skin complication. Although with the right treatments, you could clear up your skin in no time. However, you have to use these treatments correctly for them to work, as you can see above.

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