7 Things To Do To Avoid Online Shopping Scams

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We live in a very busy world these days and online shopping has been the way to go seeing as how many people don’t have any time to spare. Yes, shopping over the internet is super convenient. However, there’s a high risk of not getting what you ordered as well. Just remember how you felt when you got a tank top instead of the Nike shoes you had been waiting for all week. Or the clothes you ordered that came smaller or bigger than you expected and you can’t return them. These are some of the reasons why you should know how to avoid online shopping scams. Here are some ways you can do so.

Checking the seller’s identity

Whenever you’re shopping over the internet, always check the platform’s contact details to confirm that the entity truly exists. Things that shouldn’t miss are the company name, the address, a phone number, email address, and a contact form. Just because a website has an American or European extension doesn’t necessarily mean it is in that particular region. Be very careful with IG shops because some people have been scammed by people who change the IG handle after scamming people.

Always read reviews

There’s a perfectly good reason why all of the biggest sellers online, such as Amazon and eBay, have feedback or review sections. They do this so that new customers can ensure they’re transacting with a trustworthy business or person. These sellers also do this so that you can see whether there were any problems with previous sales.

How To Online scams And Protect Yourself

Pay securely

Avoid websites that don’t allow you to use secure payment methods, like PayPal or credit cards, Such options usually have a buyer protection feature. Avoid sending checks or cash to online stores, even if it’s a “mom and pop” operation. When shopping on a merchant website you’re not familiar with, look for security seals of approval.

Update your software

Whether you’re shopping using a desktop, laptop, or tablet, always ensure your OS is up-to-date so that you can reduce the chances of being exploited by cybercriminals. Also, it’s always a good idea to use quality antimalware that features a firewall and antivirus. If you use a tab or smartphone a lot to shop, experts recommend you use the online store’s official application instead of the website.

Make sure the site is secure

Avoid sites that lack SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryptions. There are several ways you can check for this. One of the easiest ways is checking whether your browser’s address bar has a padlock symbol. Another way of doing this is checking whether “HTTP” has changed to “HTTPS”, especially when you’re at the payment stage.

Analyze the websites general layout

Examine the seller’s website thoroughly and ensure you’re happy with the level of professionalism it portrays. Most scam websites don’t have a professional or legit look to them, they often have low-quality product pictures and are filled with spelling mistakes.

Go through the site’s privacy policy

Most of the companies and businesses that have good reputations will always include a privacy policy page on their site. You must look for and analyze this to ensure that your personal and financial data is only used in the buying process and nothing else. Even the most trustworthy organizations can end up using your information for advertisement purposes. Some can even give these said details to a third party.

As more and more people go online to do their shopping, the chances of getting scammed online will also equally continue to increase. It’s always good to ensure you’re well protected before embarking on such endeavours. Hopefully, now you know how to avoid getting scammed when shopping online.

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