Tis The Season: Look Out For The Coca-Cola Christmas Caravan With Goodies Coming To A Town Near You

Coca-cola christmas caravan with santa holding a bottle of Coca-cola. PC; Cocacola Africa

What an exhilarating moment it is to usher in a good season, be at the centre of it and relish every good opportunity, good outcome and the gifts it has to offer. Coca-Cola calls it real magic and I agree because the experience shared during the unveiling of this year’s Christmas campaign at KICC tower, was nothing short of magic. 

Coca-Cola is of course a big name and what’s in such a name, if not influence, transformation, impact, a lot of Coca-Cola and definitely Santa. With that in mind, it is only fair to expect that any event hosted under the Coca- Cola name will be illustrious, notable and marked with black and red and packed with the who’s who of the city and country at large. 

Lest you say the company didn’t understand the assignment the flagging off ceremony unveiled celebrities, social influencers, event organisers, brand ambassadors, retailers, consumers, and politicians. Then there was the amazing band led by Atemi Oyungu who helped create a Christmas mood and delivered a night of Christmas carols the Kenyan way. 


In the spirit, of merry and magic the beverage company launched a Christmas caravan that will be making its way to various parts of the country spreading positive vibes, happiness and the magic of Christmas. 

This Coca-Cola caravan will make stops at various retailers and town centres across the country, making sure that people experience the real magic of Christmas. It comes with Santa who bears gifts and rewards, a load of exciting experiential activities geared towards consumers and discounts/offers on products in various outlets.

This is the first Christmas campaign under the Real Magic brand philosophy run by Coca-Cola. It came as a surprise where the company announced that it has launched a new logo as seen in the new coke bottles being distributed around the country.

Coca-cola Christmas caravan with Santa holding a bottle of Coca-cola. PC; Cocacola Africa

It would be an understatement to say the attendees of this flagging off ceremony basked in the magic of this holiday season.

We ate, danced, drank, shared contacts, talked about our careers, the current challenges of the creative industry, went into the rabbit hole of the murky business side and came out with snaps and shots that told of a thousand words. How else could you describe a productive evening? 

Christmas is a time to connect with friends and family, celebrate wins big or small, remind each other of the happy moments, celebrate together, appreciate every moment and share the little we have with those around us? Miriam Limo the Marketing manager of Coca-Cola Kenya couldn’t have said it better. 

Watch out for the Coca-Cola Christmas caravan as its magic is infectious. Hint, it’s colourful, full of Christmas cheer, happiness, optimism, gifts and a bottle of Coca-Cola for you. It is the season and I sure can taste the feeling. Can you?

Let’s take a walk down memory lane with some iconic Coca-Cola moments.  The Coca-Cola brand has delivered greatness from time immemorial.

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