The Singlehood Series: She Slept With Her Best Friend’s Boyfriend By Mistake

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“Nairobi, yule anakupea, pia ananipea…”

If you are not familiar with this song by Nviiri the Storyteller, it basically speaks about the amount of ‘infidelity’ in Nairobi. The lyrics above loosely translate to, “The one you are sleeping with is also sleeping with me.” But what happens when the one is your best friend’s boyfriend? To complicate the matter further, what happens when it happens by mistake?

Christine and Shadrack

Christine, a lady who had struggled with her self-worth for years, was finally learning how to love herself. She hated a lot of things about her body but she figured that it was the only place she had to live. Now, suddenly, all the bullying she had been through seemed insignificant. She loved herself, and it was evident.

Christine was still single at the age of 24 then she finally met a man she wanted to date – Shadrack. He was the kind of guy she had envisioned her whole life, but she thought he would never be attracted to her. He had a beard and a perfect complexion. He dressed well, smelled good, and had money. He was not afraid to show his achievements, and she could easily deduce this by the way he dangled his Mercedes car keys around. When she was with him, she would be sure that her restaurant or bar bills were sorted. He was to die for.

Christine met him during a workshop where he was presenting on behalf of his organisation. Something about his aura made her instantly attracted to him. At the end of the meeting, he asked for her number and they instantly hit it off. Two months down the line, he was ready to commit to her.

“I want to be with you, today and every day. I want to show you what real love is,” he said.

Christine was blown away as she blushed like a ripe tomato. Just like that, she was now in a relationship, and she couldn’t be happier.

Tracy and Christine

Tracy was the kindest soul. The kind to wake up early on vacations to voluntarily cook breakfast for everyone. She was a beautiful soul, and you could tell. While she had millions of friends, there were none quite like Christine, her best friend.

Tracy and Christine had been the closest of friends for twelve years. They qualified to be family as their parents had soon hit it off and also established a close relationship. They did everything together, from running errands to planning birthday parties. You would imagine that they were sisters, especially from the way they had a similar structure and posture.

Christine had told Tracy about Shadrack but never once had they met physically. She preferred to separate her love life from her friendships, and she did just that. Tracy didn’t even get to see pictures of him, no matter how many times she had pleaded. Christine was adamant about not showing him off, for some reason. So, Tracy resorted to accepting it. All that mattered was that her friend was happily in love.

“Does he know how I look?” Tracy had asked her best friend.

“No. I told him I don’t want to introduce the two of you first. I want us to build what we have first before I can show him off,” Christine said.

It was a very unreasonable thing to do, but she gave up. She would never ask to see him again. She thought to herself that maybe Christine was hiding him because he was ugly.

Tracy and Shadrack

It was Friday night when Tracy chose to go to the club with her friends. This was unlike her. She was a very structured person and nearly everything was planned, to the letter. But somehow, when one of her long-lost friends called, she couldn’t resist and she could not say no.

“Maybe this is the spontaneity that I’ve been missing in my life,” she said to herself, and in some ways, she was right.

Tracy arrived at the club past 11 pm. Everyone was drunk, and she joined in on the fun. She wasn’t expecting a large crowd as it was, but she wasn’t exactly angry to find it that way. It would help her blend in and perhaps nobody would find out that she had social anxiety.

They drank, bottle after bottle until they decided to take the party to one of their houses. They settled down in the house, ordered more drinks, and turned the music up. But before she knew it, Tracy was feeling sleepy.

“Can I take you to sleep in one of the bedrooms? You look uncomfortable,” said Shadrack, who had been sitting next to Tracy.

Tracy nodded her head. She was too drunk to speak. When he lay her down to sleep, he realised that he was also extremely drunk, so he decided to sleep.

Tracy then realised that she was horny, and they started to make out. One thing led to the other and they had sex. The next morning, everything seemed good and everyone went their separate ways.

Tracy and Christine

Two weeks later, the best friends were hanging out for lunch, when Christine told Tracy some pretty big news. Her boyfriend, Shadrack, had given her a promise ring. Christine explained everything – how he had taken her out and ordered a fancy bottle of wine before giving her the ring. He promised to stay in her life forever and to do everything in his power to make sure they get married. The story was sweet. Tracy had tears of joy until…

Christine pulled out her phone to show Tracy her new wallpaper. She thought she was bragging, but this was the moment Tracy realised that she had done something completely stupid that could break their relationship.

“Umm, Christine. I have something to tell you,” she said. She was terrified but it had to be done.

“What is it, sis? Stop scaring me,” Christine said.

“I… I made a big mistake. I slept with your boyfriend…I…I…” she said.

Tracy sat there, trying to comprehend what her best friend was actually saying. When it finally hit her, she stood up, packed her bags and walked away.

“I didn’t know it was him, I swear..” Tracy said, but by then she was speaking to herself.

Her friend didn’t want anything to do with her. They still bumped into one another every so often. They had common friends and their parents had maintained a relationship. But Christine acted as though Tracy didn’t exist. She would ignore her and turn the other way when she started talking. Just like that, their relationship was over.

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