7 Things That Will Get You Suspended From Instagram

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We live in the age of social media and many of us value our online presence. So, imagine creating an account on Instagram for either pleasure or business, and then it gets deleted or banned. All that time, and sometimes money, you’ve invested in getting followers, customers, and building an audience all gone in the blink of an eye.

Many Instagram users have gone through this horrible ordeal. It’s usually because they violated the community guidelines or terms of service set by Instagram. Instagram usually “punishes” wrongdoers with temporary blocks, meaning it’ll restrict you from performing one or two actions. With that said, if you want to avoid getting in trouble on the platform, pay close attention to the site’s community guidelines and terms of use. Let’s take a look at the things that can cause this to happen to you.

Buying fake followers and likes

Buying fake followers and likes is a very common thing on Instagram. According to the social media platform’s community guidelines, purchasing fake likes and followers is considered fraudulent and warrants the offender to be officially banned from the site. Sometimes Instagram will just remove the fake followers in that particular account. Otherwise, they will ban you from using their platform.

Selling and/or promoting illegal products

According to the site’s terms of use, users are not allowed to use the platform for any unauthorized or illegal purposes. Therefore, if you sell or promote products that are illegal in where you reside, Instagram is sure to suspend or outright ban your account.

Using aggressive automation tools

Yes, automation tools and software can be very effective when it comes to growing and managing an Instagram account. However, it’s strictly forbidden to use such tools on the platform. This is clearly set out in its terms of use. Okay, if done correctly you’ll be safe. However, if you don’t know how to use these tools and Instagram catches you, then they will ban you permanently.

Posting copyrighted, sexual, or inappropriate content

Instagram considers the posting of sexual content a very serious offence. Its terms of use clearly state that you shouldn’t post-sexual, pornographic, violent, or nude photographs on the site. The site also considers copyright infringement a very serious issue. Ensure you’re posting original content on your account if you don’t want to risk losing your account.

Spam Comments 

When you constantly copy and paste comments to many different users on the platform, Instagram will take this as spamming and clearly warns users against this. If Instagram notices that you’re mass texting or mass commenting, it’ll suspend or ban your account.

User complaints 

When someone feels threatened by an account, they have the option of clicking the “Report” button. If many people report you, Instagram will eventually end up blocking or suspending your account. Other users can complain because of very many different things such as insults, mass following, mass liking, inappropriate content, and so on. Try and avoid doing these things.

Creating duplicate accounts 

Finally, you shouldn’t create accounts using unauthorized means if you want to continue using your account. This is a violation of Instagram’s terms of use. The platform doesn’t allow you to create an account using automated devices, spiders, bots, scripts, scrapers, or crawlers.

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