The Singlehood Series: My Date Thought It Was Romantic To Offer Me Drugs

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I used to have quite the reputation of being the party girl and dating all kinds of men. Regardless, I had never experimented with any drugs and vowed to never do it after one of my close friends died from an overdose. In fact, I hated any kind of drugs and couldn’t stand anyone who offered them to me. I had enough problems. I didn’t want to add drug addiction to the list. However, I knew I had nothing to worry about since I was cleaning up my act and making better life choices.

Grey, a close friend of mine from university, had recently got in touch with me and invited me for a coffee date after work. We got along pretty well and almost dated back then but I was busy picking the wrong guys. In fact, he had been around for most of my relationships and at times, cautioned me from dating certain guys. I still did.

My ex was a deadbeat who had a secret family he conveniently forgot to mention and the ex before that had me arrested for refusing to return the things he bought me after we broke up. it’s safe to say that I had a type.

I didn’t want to make the same mistakes I had made in my previous relationships so I was cautious this time around.

I knew Grey couldn’t turn out to be like any of the guys I had dated before. Unless something drastic had happened in his life to make him develop that kind of attitude, I was sure he was still the sweet guy I knew. However, time had passed between us and I didn’t know what course his life had taken. He could be a father or a husband and was looking for some extra-marital hookup.

“If you see any red flags, no matter how small, run!” my friend advised me.

“For sure. There’s no way I’m going through another bad relationship.”


“But Grey is different. He was always sweet and kind to me.” I added.

“It’s always the sweet ones.”

I stalked his Facebook profile just to be sure he wasn’t in a relationship or he didn’t have children. Nothing suspicious came up so I let my guard down a little bit. One of our mutual friends also confirmed that he was very single.

“Hi, Fred.”

“Hi, baby girl. What’s up?”

“Do you remember a guy called Grey?”


“Yea. Once in a while.”

“Oh, he messaged me on Facebook.”

“Really? Nice.”

“So what has he been up to? Is he married?”

He laughed, “No. He’s been single for the longest time.”

I laughed then breathed a sigh of relief. I hang up after chatting with Fred for a few more minutes.

The following day, Grey sent me a message.

“Good morning, sunshine. Are you free to meet today?”

After confirming that I wasn’t setting myself up for failure again, I was a bit more willing to meet with him and I agreed to the date. He offered to pick me from work.

I must admit, I was pretty excited to meet with Grey and catch up on lost time. We had a lot to talk about so I knew we’d have fun.

At exactly 5 pm, I received a call from Grey letting me know that he was on his way and within 15 minutes he was at my office building’s parking lot. I took the elevator to the basement and strutted out like I was on a fashion runway. Once I finished my little display, I spotted him standing next to a black Mercedes Benz.

We embraced tightly and exchanged pleasantries like we hadn’t lost touch for years.

“Wow. You still look as hot as you used to.” He commented.

I blushed as he admired me.

“Thank you. You look quite dapper yourself.”

He opened the passenger door for me and we headed to our location.

“I know this really cool place we usually go to in Westlands. Do you mind?”

“No, I trust your taste.”

We ended up joining his workmates at a popular lounge and at that moment, it became obvious that he had something different in mind.

“I thought we were going for a coffee date.”

“They have coffee here too. I just want to make a quick appearance for my colleague’s farewell party then we’ll leave.”

It didn’t sound so bad. After all, the Grey I knew would go out of his way to impress me.  His colleagues were all pretty plastered by the time we got there and it only got worse. It turned out Grey was the life of the party and he kept leaving me to interact with his workmates. I waited patiently for the “quick appearance” to end so we could have some privacy but an hour after hour passed and we were still at the lounge.

3 hours and 2 mojitos later, Grey finally settled down with a glass of whiskey in hand.

“I hope you’re having fun.”

“Yea,” I replied.

“Good, good, good.”

He seemed more hyper than usual.

“Do you need something? Is alcohol enough for you?” he continued.

“Umm, what else would I take?”

“You know I like you… so much. I’ve liked you since I met you.”

Despite his flirtatious attempts, my gut feeling told me something was about to happen. I thought he was about to force himself on me so I moved away and grabbed my bag preparing to leave.

He kept rumbling his feelings for me as I plotted my escape then he stared straight into my eyes, paused for what seemed like 5 minutes, and asked, “Do you want drugs?”

“Drugs?” I leaned in and whispered.

He nodded.


“Just some pills.” He replied casually.

“No, I’m good. I actually want to go. My friend needs me.”

“Don’t go. Did I scare you?”

I didn’t reply.

“It’s just pills, not bad drugs. I thought you were cool. You’ve really let me down. What happened to you?”

“You said we were going for something romantic.”

“What’s not romantic about this? I brought you to a nice place with good ambience and drugs.”

“You’re crazy. Take me home.”

“Okay. I’ll take you because I’m not like the guys you used to date.”

“Actually, just call me an Uber.”

“Whatever you want, sunshine.”

As I waited, I could hear Grey talking on his phone asking someone to come to the lounge. Eventually, my Uber arrived and I literally ran out of the lounge vowing to never talk to Grey again.  I sat silently in the back seat, still trying to make sense of what had happened. I texted to let him know that I had arrived and that was the last time I contacted him.

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