7 Tips For Cleaning Out Your Pantry

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Cleaning out the pantry can be hard work and most people despise having to do this. However, even though it can be incredibly time-consuming, it’s so rewarding once you are done. Many people out there are fond of holding on to messes especially in the pantry since it’s hidden from the public. However, this can be a breeding ground for pests and bacteria and if it gets out of control, you may have a bigger problem on your hands. At some point, you’ll want to tidy up the mess.

Here are some tips on how you can clean out your pantry and make it a better place.


Some of the most heavily used drawers in the kitchen are the carbohydrate drawers. These are the ones that house all the dried fruit, nuts, cookies, and bread. Everyone has access to these drawers. Use a small brush to clean out these parts of your pantry. A narrow, thin brush would be the most ideal cleaning tool for this situation.

De-greasing your handles 

The handlebars on your fridge and drawers are where all the hand action goes down and those areas might need to scrub a bit harder. You can even make your own cheap cleaning solution to help get rid of all the dirt and grease. These usually work superbly, especially on tricky fridge door handles.

Take inventory and edit

Take a quick look at what you’re storing in your pantry and examine how often or whether or not you even use most of the things that are in there. You don’t have to 5 bags of cake flour when you barely even bake cakes. One should be enough for that once in a while craving. Audit your pantry and get rid of what you don’t use.

Un “process” the shelves

Why not give your place of storage a healthy makeover and go back to basics. The easiest way to do this is by examining the labels on the food products in your pantry. If you can’t pronounce some ingredients on the package, then there’s a high chance that particular product isn’t good for you anyway.

Get organized 

Mason jars can prove to be one of your greatest assets when it comes to organizing your pantry. You can use them to store things like oats all the way to smoothies, seeds, grains, and nuts. Not only does it help make the place look pretty and organized, but it also keeps things fresher for longer. Tips To Create A More Organized Home


Designate certain shelves for certain foods and products. This not only makes it neat but also helps make it easier for you to get what you’re looking for when you want to grab something. For instance, you can use the bottom floor to house all the extras from your grocery run. Vinegar and oils can be on the first shelf and so on.

Replace old stuff with new ones

Clear out the pantry completely and look at what’s hiding in the corner from a couple of years ago that you might have totally forgotten about. As you’re pulling things out, throw away all the things that have expired. If the expiration date is close, place those products at the front so that they can be used first.

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