Here’s Why You Should Consider The 30-Day Hair Detox

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When you think about all the products we use on our hair, it amounts to a lot. Between the oils, creams, conditioners, shampoos, mousses, curling creams, and gels, our hair gets tired. It can get product build-up which is not entirely good for your hair. If you are looking to change that, then the 30-day hair detox might just be something you want to consider.

The 30-day hair detox was created by the duo-licensed hairstylists Aeleise and Ayesha of Black Girl Curls. They describe their philosophy as basic haircare with  “no oils, no butter.” Just like it suggests, the method is a period (specifically 30 days) where you stay away from oils and butters.

Oils and butters repel oil. When you cut them out, your hair easily absorbs more moisture. Essentially, these products are not moisturising agents, they are meant to lock in the moisture. When used on their own, they do the opposite. They lock the moisture out.

On top of this, you are also required to stay away from plastic gels, silicone-filled products, and leave-in conditioners. The 30-day hair detox is simple. Cleanse, hydrate and style. Properly cleanse the hair, hydrate with well-formulated conditioners, and style with botanical gels and mousses.

What is the main aim of the 30-day hair detox? Well for starters, it is proof of the theory that true moisture is achieved by water and water-soluble products rather than applying oils and co-washing often. It clarifies the hair completely and removes any possible buildup.

Some of the benefits that have been evident in the 30-day hair detox method are less product buildup, better curl definition, well-moisturised hair, and shiny hair.

One important point to note is that in order to properly start off the 30-day hair detox method, you will need to clarify your hair completely. This means a proper wash that includes a good shampoo. That way, you will be able to track and measure your results in a much more accurate way.

In Aeleise’s practice as a natural hairstylist for the last 5 years, more than 75% of clients complaining of dry, brittle hair were using these products daily. Once they removed the layers and layers of buildup the hair was able to absorb moisture again. Once you try out this detox method, you are more likely to notice that your hair is more hydrated and moisturised.

Just like with all things, you need to evaluate the condition of your hair in relation to whether it may need the 30-day hair detox. Once you get started on this method, you will also need to carefully observe how your hair responds to it. In the case that you experience a few issues here and there, you can always discontinue it. In most cases, though, the testimonies about the 30-day hair detox are great!

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