8 Incredible Super-Alkaline Foods That You Should Consider

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If you can remember from your Aquatic Chemistry, acids and alkalines are chemical species measured as per the level of hydrogen ions. Alkalinity means that something has a pH higher than 7. Now foods contain certain levels of pH, and you should definitely consider increasing your intake of alkaline foods.

Alkaline superfoods are great for a myriad of reasons. For one, tend to be low in fat and calories, naturally promoting a healthy body weight and lowering heart disease risk factors. They improve back pain, prevent osteoporosis, promote weight loss, improve kidney health, prevent cancer and promote healthy muscles. In short, alkaline foods are extremely good for you.

Important to note, however, is that an overall excess of alkalinity in the body may cause gastrointestinal issues and skin irritations. Too much alkalinity may also agitate the body’s normal pH, leading to metabolic alkalosis, a condition that may produce nausea and vomiting.

That said, here are 8 super-alkaline foods and what they do for the body:

1. Nuts

If you are a fan of nuts, then here is an extra reason for you to include them in your diet. They are super-alkaline foods. Almonds, for example contain high magnesium content which makes them alkaline-forming. The huge array of antioxidants, protein, and plant sterols present in almonds, walnuts, and cashews regulate blood sugar spikes, improve heart health, and manage weight.

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2. Bananas

Bananas are extremely tasty and can be prepared and served in so many different delicious ways. Beyond that, they are alkaline foods, meaning that they are good for your health. Bananas, aka “Potassium Sticks,” are highly alkaline, and you won’t want to leave them out of your diet. They are also a great source of fiber, which help promote digestive regularity and sweep toxins out of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

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3. Green leafy vegetables

From the time we are young, it is instilled in us that vegetables are good for our health, whether in school or at home. Here is a reason why. Green leafy vegetables are alkaline foods. They are bestowed with vast reserves of vitamin A, vitamin BVitamin E, folic acid, and minerals iron, calcium, and phosphorus that is vital for the system to perform normal operations and build a robust immunity. Try incorporating spinach, lettuce, kale, and traditional vegetables like pumpkin leaves in your regular diet regimen.

4. Citrus fruits

There’s something extremely refreshing and rejuvenating about citrus fruits. If you are looking to increase alkaline foods in your diet, then citrus fruits should be your go-to. Contrary to what most people think, citrus fruits are in fact alkaline foods. While they may have citric and ascorbic acids and taste sour, but they are actually alkaline-generating once they’ve been digested and absorbed.

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5. Carrots

Carrots are a great snack or ingredient for food. They can be cooked or added to the diet in a variety of ways. They are also great alkaline foods. One cup of carrots contains more than 300% of the daily recommended intake of beta-carotene, an antioxidant form of vitamin A. Beta-carotene can also help protect against cancer and help promote brighter, younger-looking skin.

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6. Garlic

There should be no limit to how much garlic you can put in food. Any food with garlic becomes a hundred times better and tastier. On top of this, garlic is an anti-inflammatory superfood that rates very high on the alkaline scale. Garlic has been shown to prevent disease, increase immunity, and acts as a powerful anti-bacterial in the body.

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7. Avocado

Avocado deserves all the credit that it gets and more. It is tasty and can be eaten in so many ways. It is an alkaline food. Avocado is a powerhouse of both nutrients and deliciousness. Avocado contains a ton of healthy fats in addition to being alkalizing, anti-inflammatory, and heart-healthy. Since avocados are a pretty significant source of healthy monounsaturated fat, they make you more satisfied and are harder to overdo because they tend to fill you up.

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8. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes – sweet, tasty, and versatile. You can eat sweet potatoes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They are great for you because they are alkaline foods. Although they’re higher in starch, sweet potatoes provide the body with plenty of fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Because sweet potatoes are so high in fibre, they have less of a negative impact on blood sugar levels, since fibre helps slow the release of sugar into the bloodstream.

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